Quick Solutions To 10 Of Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems!

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From "buttne" and "backne" to flaky dandruff and nasty pimples, bid adieu to those cringe-worthy beauty troubles with these quick solutions for embarrassing beauty problems!

Pimples dry off, flaky dandruff can be cleared and stretch marks when carried with grace can make you look a million dollars.

No, and we mean NO, beauty trouble is big enough to dampen your mood or make you feel any less than what you are. Little bit of time and a few safe remedies can take care of most pesky of skin issues.

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Before exploring solutions for embarrassing beauty problems, there are a few ground rules you need to follow.

Be gentle with your skin, whether it is your facial skin or body skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your system hydrated and also to flush out the toxins. Never step out under direct sunlight before slapping on some SPF.

And, the most important rule, read closely the label of beauty products you buy. Understand how the ingredients will react on your skin. Being a little proactive and smart about your buying decision will save you a lot of pain in the long run!

So, take a look at some of the best solutions to 10 such embarrassing beauty problems, here!


Wipe Butt Acne

One beauty problem we like to keep under wraps is this one. So, how to heal butt acne naturally? Simple.

Take a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, add 5 drops of tea tree oil and using rose water, whip it into a smooth paste. Apply it directly on the boil. Let it sit till it dries. Then, rinse it off with cold water.


Smoothen Out Cellulite

Everyone has them, no one wants to talk about it though. If you have cellulite, try this quick tip. Scrub your body with a dry loofah before bath, focussing on the areas with cellulite. Do this twice a week. The stimulated blood flow will lighten and erase cellulite.

stretch marks

Erase Stretch Marks

From breasts to buttocks, stretch mark is just about everywhere. Heat one part olive oil with one part coconut oil. Allow it to cool. Massage it onto your skin. Let it sit overnight. Wash it off in the morning. Follow this natural mixture for stretch marks thrice a week to see a noticeable difference.


Zit Popper

Is nasty pus-filled pimple ruining your day? Here is what you can do. Take a cotton ball, dip it in a mouth wash. Wring out the excess and dab it on the pimple. Rub the pimple area gently until it pops. Rinse your face with cold water.


Dandruff Clearer

Nothing hampers your look the way flaky dandruff does. Here is a herbal remedy for dandruff that will work like a charm. Take a lemon, cut it in half, heat it in direct flame. Allow the lemon to cool down for a bit. When lukewarm, massage it to your scalp thoroughly. Wait for 15 minutes and then shampoo and condition as usual.


Shaving Inflammation Soother

Ingrown hair, inflammed skin and soreness after shaving can be an absolute nightmare. Here is a trick that takes care of it all!

Cut an aloe vera in half, extract its gel. Keep it in the refrigerator to chill for a few minutes. Massage the cold gel onto the affected skin. Let it naturally get absorbed. Do this repeatedly until the inflammation comes down.


Scar Vanquisher

Cut open a vitamin E oil capsule. Squeeze out the gel directly on the scar. Keep rubbing it in a circular motion for 10 minutes. Let it sit for another 15 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water.


Sweaty-Stinky Armpit Rescuer

Here is 2-minute solution for this embarrassing beauty problem. Dip a cotton ball in raw apple cider vinegar. Rub it onto your underarms. Wait for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. Do this twice a day.

dark thighs

Dark Inner Thigh Lightener

The excessive chafing, tight clothes and period can make your inner thigh appear dark. Here is a little trick that can reduce the problem.

Mix 1 tablespoon of rice flour, with a few drops of lemon and half a teaspoon of yogurt. Whip it into a smooth paste. Apply it to the affected area. Wait till it dries completely and then scrub and rinse.


Greasy Nose Alert!

Oily nose means dirt, which means blackheads! To keep that grease in check, try this simple remedy. Rub your nose with a few drops of cucumber juice every day. And this skin issue will be a thing of the past.

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Story first published: Friday, October 14, 2016, 14:44 [IST]
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