5 Kitchen Remedies For Toe Wax

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Toe wax, one of the many disgusting smells our body produces can be prevented and treated with immediately. Since this is the beginning of summer, the hot weather invites sweat to crawl in different places of our body.

It is during this weather we tend to sweat a lot, especially in places where it is always closed for long period of hours. For those who wear shoes and socks through out the day night face this problem with toe wax.

5 Kitchen Remedies For Toe Wax

It binds between the toes and it is sticky, smelly and also of a uncanny colour. The dirt and sweat in the enclosed shoes is responsible for toe wax.

Therefore to get rid of it an to treat the problem, here are some of the 5 kitchen remedies you can apply on your feet in the summer. Experts suggest that it is best to wash your feet or soak your feet in these solutions for 15 minutes becomes you go to sleep every night.

So, for those of you who are suffering from sticky and stinky feet with toe wax, take a look at these 5 solutions. You can try all of the 5 solutions right through the entire summer season. So feast your eyes on these remedies:

Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice: In a small bowl add the juice of 3 lemons. Add hot water to the lemon juice. Wash your feet with clean water and then place your feet in the lemon juice solution. Allow your feet to soak for 15 minutes before removing it and drying it with a towel. Repeat after 2 days again.

Vinegar :

Vinegar : If you choose white vinegar it is not as good as apple and black vinegar. In a bowl, add 500 ml of warm water, add three cups of vinegar and mix the solution to one. Now place your feet in this solution . Let your feet soak in the vinegar and post 15 minutes remove your feet and pat dry.

Baking Soda :

Baking Soda : Soda is ideally the best to treat toe wax and smelly feet. Add three tablespoons of baking soda to 300 ml of water. Make a thick paste out this and massage it on your feet. Let it soak on your feet for half an hour before you rinse it later with cold water and mild soap.

Tamarind Juice:

Tamarind Juice: Just like lemon juice, you can use tamarind too. Soak one nice ball of tamarind in hot start. After 10 minutes when the juice is omitted from the tamarind, add 100 ml of water to the tamarind. Bow mix the ingredients are mixed well wash your feet with it. Focus in between the toes as well to treat the toe wax and smell too.

Salt Water:

Salt Water: Soak your feet in hot salt water for 15 minutes to treat toe wax. This solution also looks after dry skin on the feet. However if your feet has any cuts or open wounds, the salt will burn the wound, so be careful with this awesome home remedy for treating toe wax.

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Story first published: Monday, March 14, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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