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Foot Soaks To Calm Tired Feet

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At the end of a long and tiring day, we all want something that relaxes us and calms us down, don't we? Our feet are obviously the most tired parts of us, as we walk and do almost every thing on our feet. So, they deserve a little bit of pampering every now and then. That's why we've shared a few foot soaks to make your tired feet feel all better.

These foot soaks are easy to make and would give you a nice pick-me-up in no time at all. The best part is that the one ingredient common to all of them is so easy to access, and that is, hot water.

Imagine having tired sore feet and getting to soak them in hot water to ease all the pains. Wow, that's a heavenly feeling, ain't it?

An added benefit of this is that hot water kills all the germs present on your feet and thoroughly cleans them up, making them perfectly ready for bed.

All you need to do after soaking your feet is to use a foot cream on them and then go to bed with happy feet! We recommend a peppermint foot cream for that extra nourishment.

So, have a look at 12 best foot soaks for tired feet, here!


1. Mouthwash Soak:

Use the cap of the mouthwash to pour some of the mouthwash liquid into a tub containing warm water in it. This would help calm your feet and give it a nice tingly feel.


2. Lemon Soak:

A lemon juice soak would feel fresh and get rid of all the dirt, as lemon is one of the best ingredients for cleansing. That's how simple a DIY remedy for tired feet is!


3. Tea Tree Oil Soak:

A tea tree oil soak is good for people who have smelly feet. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to warm water for this, soak your feet in it and unwind like never before.


4. Shampoo Soak:

All you need for a quick and easy pedicure at home is your shampoo and some hot water. And you'll have good-smelling feet in no time. This is a perfect DIY foot soak to use when you're out of other options.


5. Rose Water Soak:

A rose water soak is a luxurious one because of the beautiful smell of roses it leaves behind. Try this foot soak for tired feet without fail.


6. Baking Soda Soak:

Baking soda helps get rid of fungal infections and warm water helps soothe the feet. Mix some baking soda in warm water and that's how to do a foot soak at home.


7. Salt Soak:

Salt is really good for soothing tired skin and that is why this can be used as an easy foot soak option for tired feet.


8. Peppermint Soak:

A few drops of peppermint oil can help soothe your feet and even give them a cool, refreshed feeling. Additionally, it has a really strong smell.


9. Lavender Soak:

Lavender is the best oil for calming your senses. Use this soak if you are nervous and feel like letting all your stress out.


10. Pumice Soak:

This is simple warm water soak and then all you have to do is scrub your feet with a pumice stone. Now, that's one foot soak for tired feet you just cannot miss.


11. Hydrogen Peroxide Soak:

Use this soak to get rid of skin tan easily. Just a few drops of it will do and that is exactly how you can prepare an easy DIY foot soak at home.


12. Conditioner Soak:

Looking for the great smell of a shampoo and moisturisation together? Then, you could use your conditioner to work like a charm!

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Story first published: Friday, September 23, 2016, 20:00 [IST]
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