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5 Ways To Stop Acne Breakouts After Eyebrow Threading

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Acne can affect the skin at any given point of time. To prevent acne breakouts, you need to look after your skin with extra love and care.

The main reason behind an acne breakout is the food that you consume. Sometimes, an allergy can cause your skin to let loose of these acne or pimples, giving rise to more infection beneath the skin.

On the other hand, a new research shows that women who thread their eyebrows have 89 per cent of developing acne beneath their brow.

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This skin problem could arise due to the overuse of the thread that was used on an acne-prone skin and then used on a flawless clean skin. However, according to beauty experts, an acne breakout after threading has much more serious reasons.

5 Ways To Stop Acne Breakouts After Eyebrow Threading

Today, Boldsky shares with you the real reasons on why you tend to develop acne below, above and at the side of your brow, and alongside, some of the ways in which you can prevent this problem from happening in the future.

Here are 5 brilliant ways to prevent an aftermath of acne after threading:


Exfoliate The Brows: Before you head to the parlour to do your brows, gently exfoliate the skin around the eyebrows. When you exfoliate the brow around, you are removing all the harmful bacteria that can be pressed against your skin, causing acne to breakout. Therefore, exfoliation prevents acne.

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The Baby Powder Trick: Did you know that excessive oil on your face can lead to an acne breakout? If you apply a thick coat of baby powder to your brow before threading, the powder will absorb the oil and unclog your pores, thereby preventing an acne breakout.

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Keep The Paws Off: After you are done with threading, don't touch your face! At this moment, the pores are open and the skin is delicate. Touching your face will only transfer the bacteria from the palms of your hands to your fresh, delicate skin.

Tip For Moisturising: If you want to moisturise your face, you can go in for natural creams and not those that contain synthetic oils. Aloe vera products help to calm the skin, reduce the inflammation and prevent irritation that causes acne to be formed.

Unclog Those Pores: Keep the sweat pearls away from your face. When you sweat, the pores get clogged and this further gives rise to acne breakouts. So, before you get your eyebrows done, wash your face well and make sure there is not a trace of oil or sweat on it.

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