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DIY Strawberry And Coffee Body Scrub For Firm Skin

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Scrubs are the most versatile of all bath and body products. And there are so many ways in which you could make a homemade body scrub for tight skin. Our skin starts to lose it's firmness and elasticity with age. Along with that, the skin on the body has problems like cellulite too. The natural ingredients you can use to make homemade body scrubs are extremely versatile.

There are a lot of benefits of scrubbing the face and body, both. The massaging of the scrub increases blood circulation in the body, the granules of the scrub help get rid of dead skin cells, making way for smoother, healthier skin.

There are many home remedies to treat loose skin but scrubbing is a safe and fun remedy. Store bought branded scrubs contain plastic microbeads that are considered to be harmful for the environment. So why buy them when you can use natural ingredients to make a homemade scrub for firming body skin?

Try this DIY strawberry coffee scrub instead. Homemade body scrubs are great no matter what your skincare problem. This homemade body scrub is perfect for tight skin.

homemade scrub for tight skin

The ingredients used in homemade body scrubs can be switched to suit all skincare needs. Here, we'll be sharing with you, how to get smooth, firm skin using a body scrub with all natural ingredients that are safe to use for you and for the environment!

Strawberry pulp
Coffee powder

homemade scrub for tight skin

Method & Application:

Mash around 5 strawberries into a pulp. You may use more if you need to. Add two tablespoons of coffee powder to this, and then add the honey. It all looks and feels like it could become a smoothie.

Kitchen ingredients are great for the skin both when consumed and applied. Mix all the ingredients together. Use this scrub all over your body before a shower. Rub it in slow, circular motions all over, paying special attention to areas that seem to be rougher. This is an amazing home remedy for loose skin.

All the ingredients used are amazing natural exfoliants. They are all great natural ingredients for getting firm skin. They all work together to provide optimal results. Homemade body scrubs are specifically great because of how you can combine the best ingredients according to your needs.

homemade scrub for tight skin

Strawberry gently polishes the skin, while ensuring moisture remains in the skin. Honey is one of the best gentle exfoliants for the face and body, both. If an ingredient is gentle enough to be used on the face, it would surely work for the body as well.

Honey gently breaks down dead skin cells. Along with that, coffee is known for its amazing benefits on loose, sagging skin. Coffee also helps deal with cellulite. Use this natural body scrub for tight skin on a weekly basis to give your skin a yummy treat.

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