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DIY Coffee & Cinnamon Body Scrub For Firm Skin

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Our body's skin, like the skin on our faces, ends up losing its firmness as we age, since the body tissues start producing less collagen. There are a lot of products available in the markets to tackle the skin on our faces. But not enough for the body. Do not worry, you can scrubs to get firm skin like a coffee and cinnamon scrub for firm skin, right at home.

Most skin-firming creams and lotions for the body come from international brands. So, for the average Indian customer, these can be really expensive. Does that mean we give up on ever achieving gorgeous firm skin?

scrubs to get firm skin

Not at all. All you need is a little coffee and cinnamon powder to work the magic that this amazing DIY scrub can provide. Luxurious body scrubs should not be reserved for just the rich, should they?

Scrubs are extremely versatile and can be made using so many household ingredients, which makes them fun and cheap to use.

scrubs to get firm skin

Scrubbing is also one of the most important skin care habits. After all, getting rid of the dead skin cells can make the skin look flawlessly smooth.

So, keep reading to find out how to make a DIY coffee and cinnamon scrub for smooth, firm skin!

Ingredients Required:
Coffee powder
Cinnamon powder
Olive oil

scrubs to get firm skin

Method Of Preparation & Application

Mix together 1 tablespoon each of coffee and cinnamon powder and add in olive oil to it. Mix it well and ensure it's not too runny. So, the amount of olive oil added should not be too much.

Your DIY coffee and cinnamon body scrub for firm skin is ready to be used.

Use this before you take a shower by rubbing it in circular motions on the desired areas.

Over time, you will see your skin getting a lot firmer.

Coffee has caffeine which makes the skin firmer. The tingling effect of cinnamon would also work in the same manner.

Additionally, cinnamon is anti-inflammatory in nature, which is a great property for skin care. Olive oil has vitamin E for adding the required moisture to the skin and making sure the skin remains soft.

Try this effective natural home remedy for firm skin and give us your feedback.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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