Amazing Beauty Tricks With Cold Water

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Ice water or cold water is the solution for many skin problems, as it helps to soothe the skin and free it from all possible infections. Using cold water on the skin twice in a week will help to clear out those nasty-looking acne along with the scars.

Massaging the ice cubes on the skin will also improve the complexion, making you look fairer and beautiful too. However, before using crushed ice cubes on the skin, you should make sure that your face is cleansed well with a home-made face wash.

Rinsing your face before applying crushed ice water can help remove the excess oil and dirt that lies deep within your pores, thus helping to add more radiance on the skin as an after look. On the other hand, ice is extremely beneficial for large skin pores.

Ice water helps to treat large skin pores and smoothens the skin over a period of time, making the skin get an even tone. Cold water is also a nice treatment for the skin, since it contains just water and no other ingredients, which therefore acts as an advantage of pampering your skin sky high. So, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at some of these beauty tricks that you can make use of by just using cold ice water on your skin:


Cold Water Treats Red Acne:

Suffering from acne? Well, the best and safest way to treat acne is by rinsing your face with cold water thrice in a day. Ice cold water helps to ease the skin and the breakouts, thus treating and helping you to get rid of the red acne.


Cold Water Treats Skin Infections:

Skin infections take a while to disappear when treated with cold water. However, if you wash your face with ice cold water, twice in the morning and later finish it with a rose water rinse, you will soon see your skin infection fade away.


Cold Water Treats Blind Pimples:

Blind pimples are extremely painful, therefore it is best to get rid of these at the earliest. To crushed ice cold water, add a tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients together and massage your face with this solution, focusing more on the blind pimple. In a week, you will soon start to see the blind pimples disappear.


Cold Water Treats Scars:

Treat burn scars with cold water. However, this remedy is only safe for the first-degree burns, and hence is recommended in rare cases only.


Cold Water Treats Oily Skin:

Cold water is the best to reduce the excessive oil on the skin. Washing your face with cold ice water and pampering it later with a green tea massage can help you get rid of your oily skin in no time.


Cold Water Treats A Glowing Face:

Do you want to get a beautiful glowing skin? Well, avoid too much of makeup, control those oily gland secretions and rinse your face with cold ice water at least twice in a day to get a glowing fresh skin.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 20:30 [IST]
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