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Amazing Ways To Use Star Fruit For Your Overall Beauty!

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Star fruit, also known as carambola, is a fruit that is very famous in tropical climates. This fruit has a lot of benefits in beauty. It is a tangy, sour-tasting fruit that turns a little sweet if it is ripe. But, most people like to have it sour in its unripe form.

Apart from being really tasty, it has a lot of benefits for the skin, hair and overall body health. Here, we've listed ways to use star fruit for beauty, so keep reading.

Star fruit is grown in Philippines, Vietnam, Bangladesh and most of South East Asia. It is shaped like a star, and hence it's name.

It has a fleshy texture with a yellow peel. The entire fruit is edible and can be eaten raw. Star fruit is full of antioxidants and vitamins that make it really good for both skin and hair care.

So, do try using this tasty fruit and let us know what you think. It is encouraged for you to do a patch test before you use this, as it may not suit all skin types.

1. Body Acne: Body acne is really miserable. Not only is it sore and painful, it can even look unsightly and leave marks. Mix the juice of star fruit and lemon and use this to slowly help fade away these marks. Apply it on the marks with a cotton ball.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

2. To Treat Sore Eyes: Use slices of star fruit to wake up your eyes and end puffiness. The cold texture of the juice in a star fruit helps with this action.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

3. For Hair Growth: Star fruit contains magnesium and vitamin B complex. These are important nutrients for hair growth. Although application of the juice would help with hair growth, consumption of the fruit is even more effective.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

4. Clear Skin: Who doesn't want clear skin? Applying this juice on your face can help reduce skin inflammation that usually occurs from acne and pimples. The use of the juice of this fruit can eventually help give you a clear skin.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

5. Strong Nails: Eating star fruit can give you stronger nails because of it's rich in vitamin C and vitamin B complex content. Mix it with a little of aloe vera gel and use this to massage your nails with.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

6. To Treat Ageing Signs: It also helps rid the body of free radicals, which is the main culprit behind showing early signs of ageing. So, if you want to look fresh and young, do think of applying this amazing fruit on your face as a face mask.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

7. Hair Fall: Using star fruit can reduce hair fall to a great extent because it has vitamin B complex, a nutrient that is really important for hair growth.

ways to use star fruit for beauty

8. Glowing Skin: Do you wish for glowing skin on your face and your body? Then, applying the juice of this fruit can help reduce dark spots, and eating it will help purify the blood to give you clear, glowing skin!

ways to use star fruit for beauty
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