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Tricks To Make Perfume Last Longer On Skin

I love my perfume and if you love your's too, you probably want to keep spraying yourself with it right through the day. Instead of this extra drama of double and triple dosage of spray, what if we tell you there are a handful of tricks to make perfume last longer on skin.

For example, you would have heard the common tip of spraying perfume on the pulse points of the body. This little trick does wonders and yes, it helps the aroma to linger on your skin for the longest time.


Likewise, there are a few more tricks we would love to share with you. Follow these simple tips and avoid spraying your favourite deo/perfume right through the day. FYI: Make sure you follow just one of the tips and not all together as you yourself would end up losing your breath!


Focus On Pulse Points

This is one of the oldest and common tips to put into use, if you want your perfume to last longer on your skin. Just spray a little on your wrists, behind your ears and behind your knees. You can also spray a little on your ankles.


The Vaseline Trick

Follow this simple beauty tip - before you spray your body with the scent, apply a little vaseline on the area first. This forms a thin layer on your skin and the vaseline helps to moisturize the skin and hold the fragrance that gets absorbed.


Choose A Good Fragrance

If you want the perfume to last long on your skin, all you need to do is be wise in selecting a good scent. Choose a vanilla, lemon or forest fragrance for best results.


Don't Dab The Area

After you have applied the scent on your body, especially the pulse points, don't dab the area. Allow the perfume to evaporate on its own to keep the aroma for a longer time on your skin.


Make Your Hair Smell Good

It is said that if your hair smells good, automatically your body will smell good too. Spray a little perfume on your hair brush and comb your hair with it. The aroma will lodge itself in your hair, making you smell great.


Maintain That Distance

One of the important tips to remember while spraying yourself with perfume is to maintain a distance from the bottle to your body. Avoid spraying the scent directly on your body as it can cause skin infections.


Douse The Air Around You

After you are done dressing up, spray a little perfume in the air: about 5 inches away from your face. Walk through this air quickly. Repeat this process twice to smell good for a long time.


Right After A Shower

One of the best ways to make perfume last longer on your skin is to spray your body with the perfume right after you are done with your shower. Your pores will soak up the scent better.

Story first published: Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 19:01 [IST]