8 Beauty Rules That You Must Break

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There are certain beauty rules that most of us follow blindly without knowing if it is good/bad for us. However, we need to get out of it and make our own rules. As it is said rightly, "that rules are for fools". Experiment and innovate with new looks, so that others will follow them, rather than following the age-old beauty rules.

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The way in which you can carry yourself well must be your rule, and you must not force a rule on yourself if you don't feel comfortable with it. Beauty, as a matter of fact, should have no rules associated with it, as it may vary from person to person, depending on what sort of makeup and clothes they choose to follow to suit their personalities.

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So, here is an article for those of you who don't want to follow the age-old strict beauty rules. The points mentioned here will make you believe that the way you carry yourself is what matters at the end of the day. Have a look at some beauty rules that you must break.


Hair Conditioner Rule

We all have been instructed strictly to never apply conditioners on to the scalp, as it will make your hair greasy. Hence, we apply it only on the hair leaving the scalp. This rule is a myth and must be broken, as there is no greasiness caused if you apply it on to your scalp. On the contrary, it will moisturise your scalp and reduce excess sebum secretion, thus preventing greasiness. Feel free to apply a conditioner on your hair and scalp as well.


The Blusher Rule

It is not a hard and fast rule to use blushers on your cheeks only. You can experiment with your blusher and contour your face as well. The shape of your face can also help you decide how to use the blusher. You can apply the blusher on the sides of your face if you have a round face, and on the cheeks if you have an elongated face.


Break The Rule Of Bold Eyes And Lips

It is a common beauty rule, which you must have heard about frequently, to not make your eyes and lips look loud together. If you are going for the smokey eyes look, be gentle with your lips. However, you may break this rule wisely, if you have the confidence to carry it well.


No Brow Plucking Above The Upper Line

If you are plucking your brows at home, never try to pluck it above the defined brow line. Only professionals can give a proper brow shape. If you don't have a professional hand in making up your brow, just pluck out the unwanted hair and never attempt anything new.


Applying Contrast Makeup

The common rule among folks is to create a contrast and not match the makeup with the colour of your dress. However, you can break this rule, as sometimes it looks fresher and much better to match your makeup with the colour of your dress. Just go on with the colour of your attire and define it more.


Match Your Lipstick To The Nail Polish

You should never follow the rule of matching your lipstick with your nail polish. Nowadays, there are so many nail arts and designs available and of course it is not possible to duplicate the same on your lips. Hence, never try doing this and instead use the different shades available in the markets.


High Price Means High Quality

It is a myth that expensive creams and moisturisers are of a better quality. Well, if you want to spend more money then buy some authentic products instead. For example, if you intend to buy a cream containing vitamin E, you can buy the same product in a pharmacy rather than going in for a branded cosmetic one.


Hair Colour To Conceal Age

You must not colour your hair too often, as it may result in premature greying of hair. Hair dyeing must not be done on the sole purpose of concealing age. Nowadays, we can see most people with grey hair in their teens. So, colour your hair only to give you a new look and make sure to select the colouring agent that suits you best.

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