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Uses Of Honey For Body Odour Reduction

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Honey is a natural ingredient with lots of beauty benefits. Honey helps to keep your skin clear. It also helps fight acne and dry skin. But did you know that you can use honey for body odour reduction too? It is not very common for anyone to use this natural ingredient to reduce body odour. Foul body odour can be a cause of much embarrassment. And it is not easy to find a natural way to reduce body odour.

However, using honey for body odour can be the solution to all your problems. It is mainly sweaty armpits, feet and hormonal imbalances that lead to foul odour coming from your body. Here are a few simple steps to try and use honey for body odour reduction.

 Honey For Body Odour

Ways To Use Honey For Body Odour

The Honeyed Rinse
We all bathe regularly, but some people start stinking just hours after a bath,. This could be due to some internal hormonal problems or a tendency to sweat too much. Mis 2tbps of honey in warm water and take a final rinse with this water after your bath. This will help you keep body odour at bay for many hours.

Have Honey With Food
According to some home remedies, even eating honey can help to reduce body odour. You must add honey as a sweetener in your food instead of sugar. Not only will it help you reduce weight but also keep foul stink away. Honey corrects minor hormonal imbalances that can lead to extremely bad smells coming from your body.

Honey Scrub For Armpits
Sweaty armpits are the main culprits as far as body odour is concerned. If only you could keep your armpits dry and clean, it would help cut down on the stink. For this, first of all keep your armpits waxed or shaved at all times. Armpit hair increases the foul sweaty smell. Then use a honey and lemon scrub to keep your armpits odour-free. Mix 1tbsp of honey with the same amount of lemon juice. Then add sugar to this mixture. Scrub your armpits with this sticky mixture and wash away with warm water. Not only does honey reduce body odour but also helps to bleach your armpits. You will notice that your armpits are much whiter after a few times of using this scrub.

Try these simple ways to use honey to reduce body odour naturally and effectively. If you have anymore home remedies using honey that help to reduce stench, share it with us.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 10:40 [IST]
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