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15 Beauty Benefits Of Water

By Asha Das

Pure water is the world's best natural beauty product. The benefits of water on your health and beauty will be far more than that of the most leading brand of beauty product available in the market. The reasons for drinking water are numerous. Every cell of our body needs enough water to work properly and effectively. There are incredible benefits waiting for you if you are ready to make water your main and favourite every day beverage. It will be the best option if you would prefer to use a beauty enhancer that has no side-effects.

Drinking enough water will provide you healthy body, glowing skin, and shiny hair. It will help detoxify your body and add additional health benefits to your internal organs as well. Increase your water intake and reap its unlimited beauty benefits. Here are some of the most interesting beauty benefits of water that may motivate you to make water your favourite drink.



Drinking enough water is very important to keep your body stay hydrated. This will prevent drying of your skin and will keep it soft and supple.


Prevent wrinkles

Water is the best to keep your skin wrinkle free. Water acts on your skin to prevent wrinkles to a great extent, by maintaining the hydration and elasticity.


Bright eyes

Eyes will reflect your beauty. Washing your eyes with cold water will be the best method to keep it fresh and attractive. It will help reduce eye infections as well.



Washing your body and face with water is the best way to keep your skin fresh and clean. It will help remove dirt and chemicals that may affect your skin.


Reduce pimples

Soak a washcloth in warm water and lay it over your face. This will help open your skin pore and will remove any dirt that may clog it. Doing this regularly will prevent and reduce pimples.


Firm your skin

Water therapy is an effective method to detoxify and tighten your skin. While warm water opens up skin pore to remove dirt, cold water will help close the pores and tighten it.



Water is the best medicine for maintaining your youthful look. It will help moisturize your skin, keep its elasticity and prevent wrinkles. Water will keep your skin glowing and gorgeous.


Beautiful lips

Drinking enough water is the best method to keep your lips look soft and beautiful. It will help maintain the hydration of your lips, act as a natural moisturizer, and will prevent cracking.


Maintain skin elasticity

Water will help moisturize your skin by maintaining the hydrated state of your skin. This is very important in maintaining the softness and elasticity of your skin.


Get in shape

You can hydrate and slim down by drinking enough water. It will help control your food intake and improve digestion. Water is the best drink with low calorie and high helth benefit.


Prevent infections

Getting a good shower is enough to remove most of the disease causing agents from our body. It will remove dirt and dust that may clog skin pore. A good shower will make you feel fresh as well.


Improve overall health

Your skin is the major reflection of your overall health. Drinking enough water will help improve your overall health and this will keep your skin look healthy and beautiful.



Water is the best option to remove waste out of your body system. Water also plays an important role in eliminating toxins from our body. This will reflect on your overall beauty.


Maintain temperature

Washing your body with water will help maintain the normal temperature of your body. This temperature maintenance itself will prevent many infections that may affect the skin.


Reduce body odour

Drinking an adequate amount of water is the effective method to reduce your body odour. Water will dilute the sweat and will prevent body odour.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 8:03 [IST]
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