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Avocado Body Scrubs For Perfect Skin


If you like the taste of the green fruit, take a moment to use it for other purposes too! You can now grind it to use it as a body scrub which gives you good results in a month. Avocado consists of certain oils which is beneficial for the skin and thus helps to lighten marks on the body. If you love to try out natural body scrubs, then this is one of the good fruits from the lot, to grind and use.

The season of winter brings along dry skin, thus leaving you itchy and scaly red. When you suffer from this type of skin problem, it is best to use natural body scrubs to cure it. The avocado pulp has certain types of ingredients which is very good to treat your skin ailments. There are various other ingredients you can add to the avocado paste to make a healthy body scrub at home. These avocado body scrubs which have been mentioned here below are not time consuming too. They are easy to make and being natural in nature, it is also advisable for sensitive skin. So, if you have sensitive skin and worried about any side effects of these body scrubs, do not worry much.

Lets take a look at these 10 best natural avocado body scrubs.


Avocado and salt

One of the best avocado body scrubs you can try out to remove the dead skin on your body is avocado paste and rock salt. You need half a cup of paste mixed with 4 tablespoons of rock salt. Massage your body gently with this scrub once in a week.


Avocado and yogurt

When you use yogurt on your body, you will get supple and smooth skin. Mix a cup of avocado paste and yogurt to make a body scrub with a spoon of salt added to it. This will give you smooth and soft skin if done twice in a week.


Avocado and lime

If you have tan lines on your body, lime is the best to get rid of it. All you have to do is make an avocado body scrub with lemon and baking soda. Massage your body gently in circular motion once in two weeks.


Avocado and Honey

The best ingredient to tighten your sagging skin is honey. Make an avocado body scrub along with honey and massage in horizontal motions over the sagging skin. You will see results in about three weeks.


Avocado and sugar

Sugar helps to get rid of blackheads on your body. Mix one cup of avocado paste and 4 spoons of sugar along with a spoon of olive oil. Massage this paste onto your body for at least 15 minutes. This will remove dead skin and blackheads.


Avocado and grated coconut

The juice which comes out from the coconut when you massage it on your body, is good for healing scars. You can make a body scrub with grated coconut and avocado to get rid of scars on your body. Repeat this procedure for a month to see good results.


Avocado and coffee

Make an avocado body scrub along with coffee granules. Use this scrub to help get rid of stretch marks on your body.


Avocado and ground almonds

Add 50 grams of ground almonds into a cup of avocado paste. Use this mixture to massage your face and neck to get rid of flaky skin. The oil which is emitted from almonds is good for dry skin.


Avocado and Oats

The healthy oats is now used as a body scrub along with avocado. Mix one cup of white oats to a cup of avocado paste. Massage your back with this mixture for 10 minutes in circular motion to get rid of back pimples.


Avocado and ground sunflower seeds

To make an avocado body scrub with sunflower seeds, you need to make sure that the seeds are ground only to a 50 percent. The sunflower seeds is good for healing burn marks on the body.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 20:22 [IST]