Are You Cutting Your Nails Properly?

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Cutting Nails
Most of the time it is we who spoil the shape of our nails due to the improper way in which we trim them. The technique for cutting nails is very important. We all want our nails to be well shaped and clean. But somehow it seems beyond our control. They grow haphazardly and make your hands and feet look pedestrian. Pretty hands and feet are the marks of real lady so you must know one important fact. Hand care is your biggest investment to look sophisticated.

Here are some important points to consider while cutting your nails.

Tips To Cut Nails Properly:

1. If you have not been cutting your nails properly then their growth will also be awkward. What is done is done. Shape your nails uniformly the next time around and you can be assured that it will grow back in shape.

2. Most women like to wear their nails strong and long. If one finely sculpted nail breaks you usually do not have the heart to shear the rest. It is a tactical mistake you are making. If you are not going to sacrifice the other nails for the broken one then the growth will be haphazard and also you will look funny with one nail missing from a pack of ten.

3. The device you use to cut your nails is of prime importance. You must use a nail cutter that looks like a stapler or a filer. Never use random cutters like blades or scissors for cutting your nails. They are dangerous and will also ruin the shape of your nails.

4. If you bite your nails you are wasting your time reading this article. You do not seem to care too much about hand care. Why use cutters when your sharp teeth are at your service? So what, if it gives you ugly looking uneven nails?

5. Never cut your nails when they are wet. Not only will it be badly cut, it might cause an injury to you. When your nails are wet, the nail cutter might just slip and cut off your skin. It can be very painful.

6. The way you make the cut will make the distinction between an amateur and expert. The cut should be straight as a ramrod. There simply is no other way to cut your nails. It is better not to cut is too close to the skin because it makes your fingers look bare. So choose an optimum length at which you will cut and chop all your nails accordingly.

7. To smoother out the sharp edges of the newly cut nails you will have to file them. Rub the filer on the edges to erode the sharpness out of them. As a result, you will get a naturally oval shaped nails.

Use these tricks for cutting your nails properly. They are the most obvious natural beauty tips for your hands.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 17:54 [IST]
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