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Before Buying Lingerie: Smart Tips

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When we look at hot bikinis and lingerie of celebs, we wish to buy the same. Paying thousand bucks is not the only way to flaunt your body assets. Your size, body type and fittings play a major role. While choosing a lingerie for yourself, you have to keep all these things in mind. You just can't simply buy anything you like on someone. Here are few smart tips to help you choose the best lingerie.

Tips to remember before buying a lingerie:

Before Buying Lingerie: Smart Tips

Don't get carried away: If you like a pair of lingerie on someone, then do not buy the same thing unless you are satisfied. It is very important to be comfortable in what you wear. You can take suggestions and advises from friends but only buy lingerie that you feel makes you feel comfortable and happy!

Did you check the size?: It is vitally important to wear a fitting lingerie. If you do not wear the right size, you will end up spoiling the shape of your breasts. Many women do not know their exact size and end up picking up wrong sizes that do not fit well. If you are buying a bikini set lingerie, make sure it is not too tight or loose on you.

Check the material: To maintain hygiene and avoid odour, prefer cotton. Buying polyester or any such fabric lingerie can be harmful. So, wear lingerie that is made with good skin friendly material and is not harmful for the skin. Silk lingerie are nice to wear at night in front of your man. But, only wear the silk lingerie if it is not hot. Net or lace lingerie are not liked by every woman. See that you are comfortable in it. 

Colour game: A black or white lingerie is one of the hot picks for women. Even men love to see women in such coloured lingerie. You can experiment with bold colours like red or go feminine with pink too! You can also try lace lingeire. They look hot and lace is in fashion too!

Don't go for 'sale': When you find lingerie at cheap cost in a market, you get tempted to buy them. However, make sure that the fabric is good and the lingerie is well fitting. Ideally, you should avoid buying cheap lingerie as they are either made with cheap fabric or are not good fitting. So, think twice before picking up on sale lingerie.

These are few tips to keep in mind before choosing the lingerie for yourself. Even men can try these shopping tips to get a lingerie and gift their women. Just keep the size and body shape of your woman in mind!

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