Taking A Beauty Bath On Valentine's Day?

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Beauty Bath
A bath for beauty is the most basic and essential duty. Can you imagine yourself as beautiful when you have not bathed in days? It is that one thing you do to get fresh and beautiful everyday. So on the occasion of V Day your your basic necessity of a bath becomes a luxury. Taking a luxurious bath before your special valentine dinner will had a touch of glow to your skin that no makeup can replicate.

While preparing for V day, your beauty bath should be your top priority. Here are somethings you should do to make your bath luxurious.

Steps To Take A Beauty Bath:

1. Heat The Bath: Doesn't matter how warm it is (considering this part of the year is pretty cold everywhere) you need to switch on the geyser and heat up the water you are bathing in. A warm bath will release the stress from all your senses. Even a dip is lukewarm water without any frills is enough to freshen you up.

2. Massage Body Oils: If you are planning to a take special bath for valentine's day then it is vitally important that you massage body oils on your skin. The winter is in its last leg but there is still enough chill in the air to dry out your skin, especially after you have taken a bath. Body oils give you the moisture that can be retained even after washing.

3. Do Some Aroma Therapy: When you choose oils, choose those that have a naturally intoxicating smell like jasmine oil or chamomile oil. The benefit of using aromatic oils is that they relieve the stress from your senses just with their smell. Yes, smelling a scent that is pleasant could be the best way to relax yourself after a tiring day.

4. Exfoliate Yourself: When you are taking a special beauty bath then don't be unimaginative and use the same old soap to wash yourself. You need to get innovative. Take the face scrub you use (preferably walnut or apricot, it should basically have natural oils) and scrub your entire body with it just like you scrub your face. Rub your body in soft circular motions. You will be giving yourself a mini body massage.

5. Pay Special Attention To: You need scrub with more pressure on the cuticles of your nails, the joints of your limbs like knees and elbows that accumulate dead skin cells.

6. Wash Yourself With Care: Loving yourself is the best way to feel good about yourself. Wash yourself with love and care in the warm water and you will come out looking like a different person.

7. Don't Wipe Just Pat Dry: Wrap yourself up in a clean dry towel after the bath. Don't rub yourself with the towel forcefully because it damages your skin that has become supple after the bath.

Use these natural beauty tips for a beauty bath to have that fresh glow on V Day.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 15:59 [IST]
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