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Ways To Remove Cleavage Hair!

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Remove Chest Hair Women
Unwanted hair in few parts of body such as chest, genital and underarms needs regular removal. Body hair removal has become a necessity for both men and women. With more stress on women, unwanted body hair removal is a must. Chest hair of women makes it difficult to wear deep neck tops and even the chest makeup looks bad on unclean chest. Therefore, lets check out the ways to remove chest hair for women.

Chest hair removal women:

1. Chest hair growth of women is not similar to men. So removal is easy as the quantity of hair is less.

2. Shaving is an effective way to remove unwanted body hair especially chest. The growth is less so side effects of shaving will not be felt on the growth of chest hair.

3. If you have thick chest hair, then waxing is another effective way for chest hair removal of women. The skin on cleavage is soft and sensitive so be careful while waxing.

4. Apply powder before waxing chest hair. To get rid of waxing pain, rub ice cubes after waxing the chest hair.

5. Ubtan is a natural method to remove unwanted body hair. Mix turmeric powder, gram flour and mustard oil in little water to make a thick paste. You can also mix with mustard oil only. Apply the thick paste on the cleavage and massage. Rub the skin with the paste to remove chest hair naturally. Apply ubtan regularly to remove unwanted body hair. This method shows result gradually and is little painful but removes chest hair permanently.

6. Plucking is another method to remove unwanted body hair. Women can remove chest hair by plucking with a plucker. Depending on the hair growth, pluckers are recommended.

7. Threading is a simple hair removal method for women. By threading you can remove unwanted body hair. But threading lasts for a very short period and this method has to be done again for women chest hair removal.

Try these ways to remove women chest hair and flaunt the deep cut necks!

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 12:45 [IST]
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