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Tips To Get Rid Of Smelly Armpits!

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Cure Underarms Odour
Underarms odour can be very embarrassing. Having smelly armpits even after applying deodorants or perfumes can make you uncomfortable. Sometimes, deodorants also fail to reduce the smell of sweat from underarms. So, here are simple ways to get rid of underarms odour and cure it naturally.

Tips to get rid of underarms odour:

1. To get rid of underarms odour, it is important to keep your body clean. Take bath twice a day. Use a deodorant soap or a medicated herbal soap to keep the skin free from sweat and avoid getting fungal infections.

2. Use crystal rock made from mineral salt potassium alum while taking bath. This is chemical free and avoids getting smelly armpits.

3. Dip a cotton ball in white vinegar and apply it on the underarms. Apply vinegar instead of a deodorant. The smell will go in sometime but the skin will be odour free. This is one of the tip to get rid of underarms odour and cure it naturally.

4. Avoid wearing silk and linen clothes as they can increase perspiration. To avoid smelly armpits, wear cotton material as it absorbs sweat and doesn't create moisture.

5. To avoid getting armpits odour, apply baking soda powder on the armpits few minutes before going out. For best results, mix cornstarch with baking soda to avoid underarms odour formation.

6. Diluted essential oil is a natural deodorant. Dilute an essential oil in water and apply in on the armpits.

7. Applying turnip helps to get rid of smelly armpits. Mash a turnip and apply the paste on the underarms. Massage for 5 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. This is one of the effective ways to get rid of armpits odour naturally.

8. Apply glycerin oil on the armpits to avoid smelly armpits. Take few drops of glycerin oil in hands and rub it on the armpits.

9. Sprinkle few drops of white vinegar on the odour areas of the top or blouse or shirt. You can also mix vinegar with wintergreen alcohol to avoid getting smell of vinegar from clothes.

10. Apply powder to keep the arms free from perspiration. Baby powders are more effective to reduce underarms odour temporarily.

Use these tips to get rid of underarms odour naturally and keep the skin clean.

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Story first published: Monday, October 3, 2011, 11:02 [IST]
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