How To Do Chocolate Waxing At Home?

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Chocolate Wax At Home
Most women have this misconception that chocolate waxing is an exorbitant affair and only available in luxury spas. Although the first part is not true the second half does have a grain of truth in it. It can be difficult to locate a salon or beauty parlour that offers this new facility for waxing, especially if you live in the two tier cities of India. But there is good news for women who want body hair removal without pain. So what if your local parlour does not offer chocolate waxing, you do this special kind of waxing at home!

Here is the exact procedure you need to follow for hair removal at home with this special kind of wax.

Tips To Do Chocolate Waxing At Home:

  • Chocolate waxing is not really that different from other kinds of waxing at home. The procedure is more or less same but there are certain specific features that are specific to this variety of wax. You need to keep these points in mind while you use it for hair removal.
  • You need to apply talcum powder on the area you are going to wax just like you do for normal wax and you also need to test it on a particular patch of skin before applying on the rest of the body. Chocolate has anti-inflammatory properties and people rarely have an unfavourable reaction to it.
  • However allergy to chocolate is not unheard of. In fact you should do this patch testing every time you use a new product for hair removal because the product contains a lot of other constituents other than chocolate and wax.
  • After the patch test is cleared you have to start applying it on the rest of your body. The wax needs to be applied in the same direction as the hair growth just like you do for normally waxing at home. This is important for a even and complete removal of body hair for women.
  • When you apply chocolate wax, it may not feel as hot as normal wax does. It is only normal wax that needs to be scalding hot for best results. This kind of wax need not be so. Do not over heat the cocoa flavoured wax thinking that it won't work unless it is burning hot. The wax may lose its essential benefits.
  • Another important point to note is that this wax is very effective in removing body hair and in growth from the roots. So you can be economical with it. You need on dab a thick layer of wax like you do for normal waxing because excess of cocoa wax has the potential to peel off your skin.
  • There are many brands that make these products for home use these days but Gigi's Milk Chocolate Creme Wax seems to be the most popular. There are also various flavours like dark chocolate, hazelnut, etc available in this range.

Use these hair removal tips for safe chocolate waxing at home.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 12:06 [IST]
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