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Hair Texturizing: What Is It & How To Care For It

Women with curly hair are well aware of the trials and tribulations of this type of hair. Though curly hair looks incredible, it can be a pain to take care of. Be it combing or styling, taking care of tight curls is no easy task.

That is why women prefer going for hair processes such as texturizing to loosen the structure of the curls and make them more manageable. It is a process that has been around since the 1990s. Earlier it was only popular among African-American women, but now women all over the world are trying out this incredible process to beautify the appearance of their curls and make them manageable.

If you too have curls and wish to enhance their appearance, then this process is worth a try. And, to make things simple for you, today at Boldsky, we're letting you know about this amazing hair process, it's benefits and the tips you need to follow to maintain texturized hair.

What Is Hair Texturizing?

Hair texturizing is a chemical-based process that is used for changing the structure of the curly hair in a way that the curls become loose and more manageable without hampering the volume of the hair. The final outcome of this process depends on the natural curl pattern.

Benefits of Texturized Hair

The reason why hair texturizing is super popular in the beauty community is because of its many benefits. Not only does this incredible process boost the volume of hair and make the curls more manageable, it also makes the hair strands look shiny. Moreover, this process is far better than hair relaxing as texturized hair tends to grow at a higher rate.

In this process, the curls are loosened in a way that it becomes rather easy and possible to try out different hairstyles. This is something that is otherwise quite hard for those who have tight curls. Furthermore, texturized hair is less likely to get frizzy and brittle.

The Process Of Hair Texturizing

Though hair texturizing is quite similar to hair relaxing, the former process requires less chemical when compared to the latter. This process can be done at home or you can also head to a salon to get texturized hair.

Texturizer is a chemical that can alter the structure of hair. The chemicals present in the material are capable of changing the structure of keratin (protein) in the hair.

You will have to pick from either the lye-formula texturizer or the no-lye one. Experts urge women to go for no-lye formula as it does not harm the hair like the lye-formula does.

In the process of texturizing, the texturizer has to be left in the hair for 10 minutes before being washed off with a good shampoo. Follow up by applying a deep conditioner for soft and shiny curls.

How To Take Care Of Texturized Hair

It is crucial to take proper care of texturized hair to make it last long:

- You should include volume-boosting shampoo in your hair care routine. And, wash your hair at least 3-4 times as not doing so can lead to a build-up of dirt substances and adversely affect the appearance of your texturized hair.

- It is essential to provide deep conditioning to the hair strands. This will help keep the curls manageable and retain moisture in the hair.

- To maintain texturized hair, it is crucial to stay away from heat styling tools as they do not just harm your hair but also leave the curls looking rough and brittle.

- To ensure that the curls look great and stay manageable you should use the wide-tooth comb as they won't adversely affect the structure of the curls.

Essential Hair Care Tips To Remember

- Use residue-free shampoo to prevent product build-up on the scalp.

- Use a clean cotton T-shirt instead of a towel to dry your hair to prevent flyaways.

- Protect your hair from the sun as direct exposure to the harsh UV rays can speed up the ageing process of your hair and cause premature greying of hair.

- Proper conditioning is essential to keep hair healthy, well-moisturized and strong.

- Shampoo at least 2-3 times a week and not more as overdoing it can rob your hair off of its natural oil and leave it looking dry and brittle.

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