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    Makeup Tips For The Perfect Selfie

    Selfies have turned into a craze these days and no matter what, you do not wish to look ugly in any of those selfies that you or your friends click of you. With the time spent on posting pictures on social media turning high, you do not want to miss out on posting a selfie of yours, no matter what the occasion is.

    However, if you are new at using your phone's front camera, you are sure to know that clicking beautiful selfies can be quite tricky. Close-up shots can turn disastrous, depending on the lighting and the camera angle.

    Makeup Tips

    The front camera is designed to highlight and focus on every little detail and that includes the makeup on your face as well. The way you put on your makeup before clicking a selfie can make or break your selfie look.

    So, read on to know the most important makeup tips to follow before you indulge yourself in clicking those selfies.

    • Do not use a sunblock

    Usage of sunblock on your face can ruin your selfie look. Although usage of SPF sunscreens is fine, the one that contains titanium oxide or zinc oxide should strictly be avoided. Choose a chemical sunscreen instead of the physical ones.

    • Matte makeup

    Avoid glossy makeup which can actually reflect the light and end up glaring. As selfies are taken closely, the glare can reflect back into the camera's lenses. This would make your facial features look bigger than they actually are. Shimmer on your face also gives an oily look to your pictures. For a good picture, stick to matte-finish makeup.

    • Usage of primer

    Primer gives your face a flawless look and can hide the imperfections that can easily appear in the selfies otherwise. Foundation applied after the use of primer gives your face a smooth and even-toned look.

    • Using a concealer

    Using a concealer is a must, especially if you have dark circles underneath your eyes. Camera tends to exaggerate the dark patches present on your skin. Blend your concealer well, so that the makeup does not appear thick or cakey around the eyes.

    • Makeup check in natural light

    Indoor lighting can give you false impressions about your look post application of the makeup. To be confident about your makeup, check your look under natural light. Applying makeup under artificial lighting tends to make you overdo your makeup. As you click most of the selfies outdoors, check your look near the window or in your balcony before you step out.

    • Using yellow tinted face powder

    Using powder that has shimmer will make the light reflect on your face. Use a powder with a yellow tint when you intend to take selfies.

    • Beautify your eyes

    Try making your eyes the point of focus in the selfies. Using mascara or curling your lashes is a great idea to emphasize your eyes. Use a mascara to lengthen and give volume to your eyelashes. This makes your eyes look big and deep. To make your eyes open up, use a shimmery eyeshadow at the corners of your eyes and under the brow bone.

    This definitely adds sparkle to your eyes. This also makes the light gel right into your eyes, making your eyes appear brighter in the captured pictures. Another trick is to close and open your eyes once just before you click the selfie button. This will ensure that you don't end up blinking at the wrong moment.

    • The look of your brows matter

    The look of your brows can affect your image in a selfie to a great extent. Ensure that your eyebrows are well trimmed and any sparse areas should be filled in using an eyebrow pencil. Use a darker shade of the eyebrow pencil. This is because the camera would lighten up your facial features.

    • Do not use pastel colours

    Pastel colours are never advised when you are going in for plenty of selfies. Pastel colours look washed out in pictures. When you wish to make your eyes sparkle and pop out, use dark and bold colours. Eye makeup is considered to change your look dramatically. So be comfortable and confident with how you want your eyes to look. This will make sure that you are not disappointed with the selfie look of yours.

    • Give definition to your face with the use of blush, highlighter and bronzer

    Cameras wash out your face, which can make you lose the definition of your facial features. Make use of a blush, highlighter and bronzer in order to emphasize the contours of your face. This would define the shape of your face very well. Natural-looking makeup is best for a selfie, so use the blush and bronzer lightly. Use little product at a time. Check and apply more if necessary.

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