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    Kylie Jenner Inspired Jelly Nails Are The Latest Instagram Trend

    By Amruta

    Social media is a huge platform. It caters to various things. And, we often come across a variety of fashion and beauty trends, especially those that are created & defined by celebrities. Every day, we come across something new, something that we would love to incorporate into our beauty routine. And, like every new thing - there's a new trend that is making its way on Instagram these days - jelly nails. As we all know - beauty knows no boundaries... and so does nail art!

    Ever heard of the term jelly nails? Well, its the latest Instagram trend that everyone is crazy about. So, what is it exactly?

    Kylie Jenner Inspired Jelly Nails

    What Are Jelly Nails?

    Jelly nails are basically acrylic, super long see-through nails. These types of manicured nails are also sometimes referred to as 'glass nails.' It is quite easy to get jelly nails. They are suitable for all types and sizes of nails.

    Jelly nails have been doing the rounds on the Internet for quite some time now, but it gained popularity recently when Kylie Jenner posted about them on her Instagram page. Although jelly nails are an old concept, nobody knew about them - they weren't popular... until recently.

    And, with Kylie posting a picture of her jelly nails on Instagram, they have become the latest trend with many people opting for jelly nails and posting a picture of their newly manicured nails on Instagram with the hashtag #jellynails.

    How To Get Jelly Nails At Home

    Prep your nails

    Before applying any kind of nail polish or going for a manicure, it is very essential to prep your nails. To do that, you need to file your nails in the shape that you desire to have. Ensure that you do not trim your nails very short. Then, wipe off your nails with rubbing alcohol which will ensure that whatever the residue oils were present on your nails have been wiped off.

    Apply a base coat

    Next, you need to begin by applying a base coat. Apply the coat only once and do not overdo it. This will ensure that the end product looks neat and clean - just like a professional would do at a salon.

    Apply builder gel polish

    Take a builder gel polish and apply it on your nails. Now, here you need to remember that builder gel polish is much thicker and stronger than your regular gel polish. The reason why we use builder gel polish is that if you wish to apply trinkets on your nails, the builder gel polish will hold it firmly.

    Dry the builder gel polish under a UV light

    Place your hands under a UV light so that the builder gel polish dries a bit and settles down on your nails perfectly. Now, your nails are ready for applying trinkets.

    Apply trinkets

    After applying & drying the builder gel polish, you can pick up your favourite selected trinkets - anything like sequins or glitter - and place them on your nails. Since your gel polish is not completely dried, the sequins will stick to it. Now, apply another coat of gel polish on top of it.

    Apply a transparent top coat

    Finish off your jelly nails look by applying a transparent top coat and leave it to dry. Do not touch your nails until they completely dry off and you are all set!

    Now that you know how to get jelly nails done at home, you must also know how to care for them. Although it's not some rocket science, it is quite essential to know some basics of caring for your nails. Therefore, listed below are some quick tips to care for your jelly nails.

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    How To Care For Jelly Nails

    Once you have got jelly nail paint, it's time for you to care for it. And, how to do that, you may ask? Well, here are some tips that could be useful to you.

    • Apply a good moisturiser on your hands, especially nails.
    • Dirt settled under your fingernails? Use a clean brush to wipe it off.
    • Always keep your fingers and nails dry and clean.

    So, if you are looking for trying out something new this time, do give jelly nails a try and garner amazing compliments from your friends and family.

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 30, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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