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How To Get Soft Pink Lips With Beetroot?

How To Get Soft Pink Lips With Beetroot? | Boldsky

Soft and pink lips are what we all desire. As women, the most sensuous and beautiful facial feature is undoubtedly our lips. Dark lips are something that all of us dread. Although, at birth, we might have had beautifully curved, pink lips, with age and repeated exposure to extreme sunlight and pollution, our lips tend to lose colour and turn darker in shade.

Poor lip health can make us feel low on confidence. A beautiful smile is what we all need to have a great start to any work. Lips that appear dark and dry make us avoid smiling, just to be safe of any embarrassment.

To achieve those pink lips, you might have tried every cosmetic available in the market - lip balms, tints, lip scrubs, and the list goes on. Although you cannot stop at exploring every new product that claims to give you a good pout, pink lips, you surely cannot ignore the vast list of harmful ingredients that go into its making.

But, the chemical-rich products will only show temporary results (if at all it does). It might affect your lip health when used for longer periods of time. In that case, using DIY home-based remedies are more effective and these will not show you any side effects as well.

Using Beetroot For Pink, Soft Lips

Nature has given us the answer to maintain the natural beauty of ourselves in the most inexpensive and safe ways. And it is not far behind even when talking of attaining soft, supple and pink lips. Beetroots have been found as the best natural treatment to achieve soft and pink lips, without having to spend hundreds and thousands, as you would otherwise do on cosmetic lip gels and balms.

Each one of us is aware that when you handle beetroot, it almost stains everything that comes in contact with it. So, why not have a lip product out of it? Beetroot is known to be able to provide your lips with a natural pink tint. It also possesses qualities of clearing up lip pigmentation.

A beetroot-based lip makeup prepared at home serves to be the most natural, chemical-free and inexpensive form of treating your lips and making them turn soft and pink.

Preparing A Beetroot Lip Stain For Pink, Soft Lips

Ingredients required for this preparation are:

• Coconut oil

• A small container

• A medium-sized beetroot

• Food processor

• Strainer

Preparation Steps:

• Preparing Beetroot Residue

Wash the beetroot properly using water. Peel off the outer layer of the beetroot. Slice up the beetroot into small pieces. Put them in the food processor. Grind them completely till you see a watery residue. Do not add water to the beetroot, this will only make the vibrancy of the colour get diluted.

• Storage

Now, strain the juice of the beetroot that has been grated. Ensure that no bits of the grated beetroot make through the strainer. For future use, store away the content in a tight container. You can use an old lip balm box/jar to store the content. Make sure that you clean and sterilize the jar or container that you wish to use to store the content. Sterilize the container by rubbing alcohol. You can also wipe it off clean.

• Addition Of Coconut Oil

To the beetroot stain prepared, add about a teaspoon of coconut oil. If you use less coconut oil, then the lip tint would turn dry and flaky when applied on the lips. The use of coconut oil can also be replaced with the use of beeswax or honey. These also serve to be great as lip moisturizers.

• Blend

Use a toothpick or a spoon to blend the mixture. Next, refrigerate. This is to be done to solidify the content. To make the preparation last longer, you will have to store the content in the refrigerator for future use. This is so because the preparation has been made without the use of any preservatives.

To make a lip scrub out of the beetroot mix prepared, you can add granulated sugar to the mix. This becomes a lip scrub.

Beetroot Leaves A Pink Natural Tint On Your Lips

Once you apply the beetroot lip tint, you find your lips turn soft and pink in colour. When left on, the colour begins to oxidize and what you get is a beautiful reddish plum tint to it. This is a colour that would suit any skin colour.

If you wish to attain a soft and subtle look, you can just dab it on your lips once. However, if you wish for more intensity and bolder lips, you can layer it further.

Applying it regularly on your lips ensures that you get softer and pink lips within a week's time. This serves to be the most natural way of turning your lips soft and pink.

Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2018, 19:30 [IST]