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    How To Apply Nail Extensions Perfectly At Home?

    Long nails have never been out of fashion. It is something that as ladies we all love to adorn. Women have since ages followed a ritual of taking a good care of their hands and nails.

    Accessorizing the hands and applying nail paint to long nails is something that we all take pride in. Long nails tend to symbolize a strong personality, but not everyone is lucky to have nails that grow out long as well as healthy.

    how to put nail extensions

    You would have come across many who complain of brittle and not so pretty nails. Well, for those who cannot have naturally long nails, there is a life saviour - nail extensions.

    What Are Nail Extensions?

    Adding an artificial tip to your original nail is what nail extensions actually are. This is primarily done to give length to your nails. After this, it is usually covered up using acrylic, fibre glass or gel. Sometimes, a nail is formed on your natural nail, there is no tip used in this procedure. A form of extension, this process is known as sculpting.

    Acrylic Nail Extensions

    One of the most talked about forms of nail extensions, these are created by mixing a powder polymer and liquid monomer. When combined, it forms a hard protective layer that is then sculpted on the natural nail. On exposure to air, these turn even harder. Once applied, it can be buffed for a smooth and shiny finish.

    Gel Nail Extensions

    Another most commonly used nail extension, this is the kind of a hair gel texture that can be either applied over an artificial nail extension or on the natural nail to strengthen it and help it grow out to look naturally long.

    Fibreglass Nail Extensions

    Also known as silk nail extensions, this involves cutting pieces of silk or fibre glass to fit the nail tip. Then, you seal them using glue or resin.

    Although you would have heard that getting proper and stylish nail extension will require the efforts of a professional artist or a nail salon, you might just do it on your own if you know the basics of getting the nail extension rightly done.

    Getting Nail Extensions At Home

    Getting nail extensions at a salon could be quite expensive; the cheapest and easy way is to learn to do it right in your own. You can buy different kinds of artificial nail tips to do it at home. Follow the application tips that are mentioned below.

    Things required to apply nail extensions at home:

    • Artificial tips: Like white clear, with glitters, coloured, designer, etc. These are usually made of plastic.
    • Nail glue
    • A manicure kit: Containing buffer, nail file, cuticle pusher and nipper
    • Nail tip cutter or scissors

    Steps To Follow To Apply Nail Extensions At Home:

    • Prepare your natural nails first. Wash your hands well. Use acetone to get rid of any polish that you might have on your nails.
    • Use a cuticle pusher to push the nail cuticles back.
    • Use a buffer, to buff your natural nails. Do this process lightly. This is done so that the natural nails are removed of any shine or moisture that might be present on them.
    • In case your natural nails are longer, cut them. Trim the nails at the corners. This is done, so that the artificial nails can be given a better grip.
    • Next, the most important of all the steps is choosing the most appropriate size of nail tip. Choosing a wrong size will give a pretty bad look and impression and you surely would not want to go wrong at this step. Take your time to choose the right size of tip for your nails.

    This should match the c-curve of your natural nail bed. This is considered from the left to right of the natural nail bed. In case the tip appears to be slightly wider in nature, you can use a file to smoothen it down.
    • Apply glue on the hollow region of the chosen tip. Apply it on the nails. Do it with a little pressure, so that there are no air bubbles. You need to be careful here, as the glue tends to be very sticky.
    • Leave it to dry this way for about half an hour. Next, use a tip cutter or scissors to cut the tip (the tip should be a little longer than the length that you desire).
    • Next, shape the tips and the sides of the artificial nail. This will ensure that the fit on the nail bed is exact. To give them a finish, buff them.
    • Take your nail buffer, start buffing at the point where the artificial tip meets your natural nail. This ensures an even surface. Do not buff the natural nail as such. Do the buffing on the artificial tip alone.
    • Next, clean your nails and apply the base. You can now do the nail art on your new long and beautiful nails.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2018, 17:15 [IST]
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