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Amazing Benefits Of Papaya For Glowing And Fair Skin

In the current times, most of us lead hectic lives with little time to take care of our looks or beauty needs. Be it our skin, hair or even nails, due to the lack of time, aren't we all guilty of looking for shortcuts to beautify them?

Let us be honest! Many of us opt for cosmetics, simply for convenience and to save time. But, many of these cosmetics could do more harm than good in the long run, because of the presence of chemicals in them.

What should you do to avoid harsh effects of cosmetics?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple! Without a second thought, and for a consistent effect, you should get back to basics. Confused? Read on, to know more.

Switch to Grandma's home remedies

In simple words, start using natural ways of maintaining a healthy-looking skin or hair. There are multiple ingredients readily available in our kitchen, such as fruits like papaya, kiwi, orange, tomato, grapes, banana, etc., which can be used for an overall superb look.

Through this article, let us know about the numerous benefits that the papaya fruit offers for ensuring and maintaining a glowing, fair and healthy skin.

Papaya - A Miracle Fruit!

Yes, indeed! Rightly known as the miracle fruit, papaya is an excellent option for clear skin. Being rich in vitamin A and fibre, papaya helps rejuvenate the skin by keeping it hydrated. Also, it consists of an enzyme called papain, which aids digestion. A healthy gut can undoubtedly give way to a healthy-looking skin!

Papaya includes the following:

• Papain: The enzyme in papaya, papain, has multiple benefits. Its presence helps to exfoliate, soften as well as moisturize the skin, and to reduce acne drastically. Additionally, it helps lighten the skin, and renew it, enhancing its natural glow. Papain is also effective in the prevention of premature ageing, by fighting free radicals in the body.

• Vitamin A: Because of the antioxidant properties of vitamin A, papaya promotes healthy production of cells, thereby slowing the ageing process.

• Vitamin C: The presence of vitamin C helps reduce scars or skin damages caused due to sun. It also lessens irritation or inflammation in the skin and makes it firmer.

• Potassium: Helps hydrate the skin by moisturizing it.

• Vitamin E: Tightens as well as brightens the skin.

• Naturally present alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA): Acts as an extremely effective skin exfoliator, tackles ageing effects by generating new, clearer, youthful and brighter skin cells.

• Fiber: The fiber in papaya is an extremely beneficial option to maintain a healthy digestive system, devoid of toxin in the gut, which affects the blood circulation positively and leads to healthy skin.

Benefits Of Papaya In Various Forms

• As a face pack: Papaya face packs in raw form or along with various ingredients such as honey, lemon, raw milk, banana, cucumber, etc., can be used as a face pack for a clean, nourished, fair and glowing skin.

The wonderful fact is, papaya is rejuvenating for any skin type, and a definite natural way to maintain an attractive skin in the long run, with absolutely no side effects.

• As a food: Having raw papaya on a regular basis promotes immunity against skin-related damages. First of all, it's a delicious fruit that can be taken raw in snack or even food form at times. Secondly, it promises brilliant benefits for the skin because of its antioxidant properties that are responsible for a disease-free skin.

The huge fiber in papaya enhances the overall digestion system and helps cleanse internally, i.e., it cleans up the digestive tract or colon and gives a fantastic cleanse to the body, thereby encouraging clean skin.

The fiber content also helps take care of any sort of allergies or ailments of the skin such as blemishes, acne, pigmentation, etc.

Excess consumption of papaya, however, should be avoided, as it is known to cause yellow discolouration of the skin. This kind of benign condition is called Carotenodermia, and may be a direct result of high consumption of papaya, increasing the levels of carotene in the body. This discolouration usually occurs in the palms and soles.

• In juice form: A brilliant cooling drink, the papaya juice helps keep the stomach cool, and makes the skin glow by taking care of digestive issues such as constipation. It helps in dissolving dead skin cells and promoting new cell growth, leading to a nice glow.

• Papaya leaf juice: One of the most beneficial parts of a papaya tree is its leaf. In the recent years, papaya leaves have gained popularity in the juice form and are considered as a superb option to ensure healthy skin, along with other benefits for the body. It helps keep the digestive system clean and healthy, avoiding any sort of digestive ailments and keeping the skin good looking.

• Papaya seeds and skin: The skin and seeds of papaya fruit contain certain enzymes that can reduce scars, blemishes, etc. They can be crushed and converted into a pulp or paste form to be topically applied to the skin to reap the maximum benefits.

In a nutshell, instead of going for artificial cleansers, moisturizers, face-packs, face wash, lotions, etc., one could opt for the natural ways of using papaya for its tremendous benefits to the skin.

Its natural bleaching properties, ability to cleanse the skin pores of the impurities, protecting the skin from sun damage, hydrating or moisturizing it, restricting ageing, preventing pimples or acne, treating wrinkles, etc., make the papaya fruit a remarkable option for skin care.

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