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    3 Easy DIY Nail Paint Removers

    By Tanya Ruia
    Remove Nail Polish WITHOUT Nail Polish Remover | DIY | Boldsky

    We all hate to see chipped off nail paints on our nails and it is worse when they look uneven, and you do not have enough nail paint remover at home so that you can fix it and then you have to go out. How cool would it be if you could instantly remove that annoying nail paint from your nails at home isn't it? Now, you can...with the help of these cool DIY nail polish removers.

    A lot of you might think who'd take the headache of making the remover at home when it is easily available in the market, right? But, we all are aware of the fact that they are made up of harmful chemicals and make the nails turn brittle and chippy.

    3 Easy DIY Nail Paint Removers

    Plus, these DIY nail paint removers are no headache. They are the natural nail paint removers which you didn't know of and they are present right there in your kitchen. You just have to grab them and use them as natural nail paint removers.

    Let's see what these simple DIYs are for making a homemade nail paint remover.

    Lemon Nail Paint Remover

    We all would have been buying or at least seen lemon flavoured nail paint removers; but have you ever wondered why that flavour? Yes, lemon itself is a natural nail paint remover. Lemon being one of the most used natural ingredients in cosmetics has Vitamin C that exfoliates the dirt and junk from the skin. This is the reason it is the main ingredient in treatments like manicures and pedicures.

    Ingredients :
    A bowl (big enough to dip your hand properly)
    Half bowl lukewarm water (40-50 ml)
    2-3 drops liquid soap
    A slice of lemon

    Let's see how you can use lemon to remove the nail paint:
    In a bowl filled with lukewarm water, mix liquid soap.
    Dip your hand in this and keep it soaked for 5-7 minutes.
    Now, with the help of the lemon slice, start rubbing it nicely. Rub the lemon slice well all over your nails, as it will soften the nail paint and help in getting it out easily off your nails.
    This might take a bit more time than usual due to the unavailability of acetone but it will be effective and healthy for your nails.

    The Hand Sanitizer Nail Paint Remover

    Yes, you read it right! Hand sanitizer also works well when used as a nail paint remover. Hand sanitizer is something that you would find in any girl's bag no matter what. Plus, there is no way out that one can call hand sanitizer harmful or unhygienic for nails.

    Ingredients :
    Few drops of hand sanitizer
    3-4 cotton balls

    How to use hand sanitizer as a nail paint remover:
    Grab a bottle of hand sanitizer and pour a few drops of it on your nails.
    With the help of the cotton balls, rub it evenly all over your nails for a few minutes.
    It will loosen the nail paint and help it come out easily.
    It will also take some more time than usual, but will help you out in an emergency situation when you do not have any other option.
    Wash your hands after the process, as the nail paint chunks that have been removed off your nails could be stuck on the hands.

    Vinegar And Lime Juice Nail Paint Remover

    These two ingredients are the best cleansers. They are used in a lot of beauty products and widely in the beauty industry due to their natural acidic properties. There have been a lot of times when you apply thick coats of nail paint and it takes a great struggle for you to remove it off your nails.

    But, while removing it with the ready-made nail paint removers, you often see that the nail paint has come out of the nails but the colour and texture is all over your fingers and that looks awful. This nail paint remover is going to take a good time of yours but will give you a good result.

    Ingredients :
    A bowl (big enough to soak your hand)
    Lukewarm water (½ bowl)
    3-4 drops of liquid soap
    3 tbsp vinegar (30-35 ml)
    3 tbsp lemon juice (in the same quantity as of the vinegar)
    3-4 cotton balls

    How to use lemon and vinegar as a nail paint remover:

    In the bowl, take lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid soap. Blend it well and immerse your palms well in the soapy mixture for 10-12 minutes.
    Now, mix equal portion of the lemon juice and vinegar in a bowl.
    With the help of a cotton ball, apply the lemon and vinegar mixture on the nails and rub it thoroughly.
    The nail paint will become loose and start scraping off nicely without leaving any further texture on your fingers.
    This will definitely take time, as it is not easy to remove thick coats with these natural remedies.
    Lemon juice and vinegar have acidic properties that might make the skin dry, so do not forget to apply some moisturizer to pamper your neat, clean and fresh hands.

    These are easy DIYs to make a homemade nail paint remover but they also take more time than the usual. So, you have to be patient while doing these.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 24, 2018, 10:15 [IST]
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