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10 Types Of Lip Make-up Products You Should Know About

Lip make-up is an essential part of our make-up routine. How well you do your lips speaks volumes about your style quotient. Having the perfect dress and hairstyle is incomplete without the perfect make-up and surely lip make-up plays a major role in this. Lip make-up done right makes you look attractive and beautiful. However, you need to be very careful when choosing lip colours or for that matter lip products that you usually use.

Read on to know the different lip make-up products and what all is a must-have in your make-up kit. Decide what you would need depending on the occasion, weather and the style that you wish to portray.

The types of lip make-up products are as follows:

1. Lip Tint

This works as a lip stain. This serves to be the most hassle-free way of adding colour to your lips. They can turn dry sooner; therefore, it is advised that you moisturize your lips well using a lip balm before applying the lip tint. If you do not feel the need for a lipstick and just want to add a punch of light colour on your lips that would last all day long, then lip tints are a must-have for you. However, avoid lip tints if you tend to have excessive dried or chapped lips. Applying lip tint on dry lips looks bad and draws the attention towards the wrinkles around the mouth.

2. Lip Primer

Just as you would feel the need to use a primer on your face before you apply the foundation, the same holds true in the case of lip primer as well. To ensure that your lipstick stays on for longer, a lip primer is a must have. To ensure smooth application of the lipstick or lip gloss, you must use a lip primer first. It ensures long lasting colour. Lip primer serves to be the foundation for your lips. This gives you a flawless base to add in colour using your lipstick.

3. Lip Plumper

Lip plumpers are designed to irritate your lips mildly making them appear fuller. Lip plumpers usually contain ingredients such as menthol or cinnamon, which work as mild irritants and cause a bit of swelling in your lips, giving them a flushed look. Skin on the lips is quite sensitive, and mild irritants just plump them up. Make sure your lips are well hydrated before you use the lip plump as it does not work on dried or chapped lips.

4. Tinted Lip Balm

Lip balms are a must have especially if you tend to have dry or chapped lips. Having a lip balm handy can work wonders when outside and you find that your lips are turning dry. Moreover, what better when there can be a tint of colour added to your regular lip balm. Tinted lip balms are a craze these days. They give a natural result along with moisturized lips. You can apply it directly from the lip balm tube. They are a must have during winter.

5. Lip Liner

This is used to demarcate the outer line of our lips. The liner should be as close in colour as possible to the lipstick that you are going to apply. Do not use dark liners to over line your lips. Doing this would make your lips look unnatural. First line your lips and then use a lipstick to fill in the colour. If you want your lips to look fuller and bigger, you can apply a gloss on the lipstick. A perfect lip liner would glide smoothly on your lips and would not feel or appear rough in any way.

6. Lip Gloss

If you want shiny and glossy lips, then lip gloss is a must have in your vanity bag. Usually, the basic ones appear in the liquid form. These have less staying power when compared to lipsticks. You would need multiple reapplication of the gloss if you wish to have shiny lips throughout the day. You can find variety of colours when searching for the perfect lip gloss shade. You have nude ones as well as bold colours. You can apply it directly on bare lips as well. Usually the lip gloss tubes come with their own applicators.

7. Sheer Lipstick

You can go with sheer lipsticks for your everyday use. This gives a moist and natural result. Sheer lipsticks ideally do not need the use of a lip liner. To apply, you can use a lip concealer brush or maybe just your fingers.

8. Matte Lipstick

If you do not want your lips to shine, then choose matte lipsticks. They would not glitter in any way. They usually last longer than all other lip products and are known for being colour intensive. They have the quality of giving your lips the utmost coverage. However, they might have a slight drying effect as they are matte finish ones and lack moisture content. You would need a lip liner before using a matte lipstick. Use a lip brush for better application. Matte lipsticks look best on well hydrated lips.

9. Cream Lipstick

If you want a complete coverage for your lips along with a smooth and satin-kind of feel, then cream lipsticks are the ones that you should go for. These have tight colour pigments that help the colour to stay on your lips for long. You would need to use a lip liner prior to the use of a cream lipstick. This would ensure your lips look well lined. Use a lip brush for the cream lipstick application.

10. Lip Satin

These are the newest in the lip make-up products category. They have high fluid content and appear like markers. They dry out faster than other products as they have alcohol content. Although these might dry your lips, these give a long-lasting effect. You need to moisturize and exfoliate your lips before using this product. Use a lip brush to apply.

Some essential lip care tips to remember:

• When choosing a lip colour, keep your skin tone in mind. Match well before purchasing.

• All lip shades would not match the outfit that you are wearing. Be conscious in whether you should select mild or bold colours.

• Use a good lip scrub to exfoliate your lips often.

• Use lip balm with vitamin A, C or E. This would prevent chapping.

• Use a waxy lip liner to help your lipstick stay within the line of your lips.

• Do not have the habit of touching or licking your lips often.

• Drink lots of water and follow a well-balanced diet.

• Keep your lips hydrated overnight. You can use nourishing oils to give your lips a slight massage.

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Story first published: Monday, September 3, 2018, 18:00 [IST]