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10 Makeup Mistakes That Turn Guys Off

If you have a date with your man, you'd want to look your best and would want to hear praises, right? Of course, you'll feel good if your date compliments on your dress and your overall look.

Some men do have preferences over the kind of makeup that a woman wears. If you wear the right makeup, then you might have a chance for another date, but if you wear the wrong makeup, then you know the answer.

Makeup Mistakes That Turn Guys Off

It doesn't matter if your product is expensive or cheap, but wearing it right is all that matters. "Too much of anything is not good" as they say, and it's true. Applying layers of foundation will make you look cakey, too much mascara or eyeliner will make you look gothic (Goth look is actually not bad, but not for a date), wearing too much lip gloss or lipstick, etc.

In this article, we have listed 10 common mistakes that women normally make that turn guys off and how to avoid them. So, let's take a look:

1. Too Much Mascara:

Like we mentioned earlier "Too much of anything is bad". Applying too much of mascara on your eyelashes will make you look like you have spider legs on your eyes, and that's creepy. So, instead curl your eyelashes before you apply your mascara. Make sure you apply only two coats. This way your lashes will look thick, black and natural.

2. Layers Of Foundation And Concealer:

Layering your face with foundation and concealers will leave you looking all cakey and worst case scenario would be the foundation cracking on your face. Not a pretty sight for the guy, you see. And it can rub off on your clothes and even his clothes. According to many surveys most of the men prefer realistic and natural-looking skin. So, ladies, opt for a light weight foundation and use minimal amount of concealer on your face.

3. Sticky Lip Gloss:

There are some lip glosses that are way more sticky than the others. Sticky lip gloss can ruin your makeup because your hair can cling on to your lips even if there's a slight breeze, spreading your makeup all over your face. We can definitely avoid this; exfoliate your lips regularly and use a non-sticky lip gloss.

4. Lipstick On Teeth:

Lipsticks are meant for the lips and not for the teeth. It's a huge turn off when your date cracks a joke and when you laugh; bam you have lipstick on your teeth. This may look like your gums are bleeding. So, to avoid this, once you apply your lipstick, take a small tissue paper and place it in between your lips and press your lips gently. The excess lipstick will come off from your lips and there'll be zero chance of your lipstick sticking on to your teeth.

5. Excess Hairspray:

Using too much of hair products, like hair gels and hairsprays will make your hair sticky and hard. This is a bog turn off for the guy because he won't be able to run his fingers through your hair. So, make sure that you limit your hair products.

6. Prominent Lip Liner:

Lip liners help to avoid your lipstick from bleeding. And also it helps to correct or enlarge the shape of your lips. Sometimes it so happens that we tend to use the wrong shade of lip liner with our lipstick. Definitely it's a turn off for the guys because it will just not look appealing and nice. So, ladies, make sure that you match your lip liner and your lipstick shade. This way no one will notice that you have slightly enlarged your lips.

7. Smokey Eyes Not So Smokey:

Smokey eyes can look dreadful if not done properly. Sometimes you tend to use a lot of black colours and this in turn will make your eyes look black. According to a survey, many men considered smokey eyes to be scary rather than attractive, unless it's done properly or by a professional. If you are doing it for the first time, then make sure that you get it done by an expert or else your date will go bad.

8. Thick Drawn Eyebrows:

Naturally grown thick eyebrows look good as compared to those that's been drawn by an eyebrow pencil. Similarly, over-plucked eyebrows don't look good as compared to stenciled-in ones. So, always shape your eyebrows properly.

9. Dangerous Nails:

When you do a manicure, avoid wearing long nails, neon colour paints as this will freak out the guy. Even if you have long nails or if you like long nails, then make sure that you wear neutral-coloured nail paints.

10. Too Much Perfume:

Different people have different tastes in perfume. For example, you may like woody flavoured perfume but your date may not like it. So, when you're on a date make sure that you spray a limited amount of perfume on yourself. Some perfumes have a strong smell and some have a mild smell. So choose your perfume wisely before you go out on a date.

There you go, 10 things that you have to keep in mind before going out on a date. If you follow these 10 things, then you will surely end up on a second date.

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