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    10 Beauty Disasters And Instant Hacks To Overcome Them

    A bright red lipstick is meant to stay on the lips and not on the teeth, but it's so embarrassing when your beautiful teeth are painted with lipstick. And not to forget, the foundation: sometimes we tend to apply a lot of foundation and our face just looks all cakey and dry.

    Yes, we've all been there at one point of our lives. These are called makeup mishaps and it's a common mistake that every woman makes. There are times when you have an important meeting to attend, you're running late but you have to look good as well.

    Beauty Disasters & Their Instant Hacks

    And in this process, you either tend to apply a lot of makeup and look cakey or apply less and look bland and uneven.

    So, today we have 10 common beauty disasters that everyone has faced at least once and we have provided a quick fix for it as well. Let's take a look now, shall we?

    1. Wearing The Wrong Foundation Shade:
    Using the right shade of foundation is a must because the colour of your face and neck varies. And some of us wear the wrong shade, like the foundation, which will be darker than the complexion and vice versa.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • You can get your foundation matched by a professional at a cosmetic counter. Or the best place to test the colour of your foundation is on your wrist, chest and neck.
    • Different season requires different shades of foundation. You can consult with a professional before you purchase a foundation.
    • Ask advice from your BFF when you apply a foundation. They never lie!

    2. Excess Application Of Foundation/Concealer:
    The foundations that you get in the market these days contain a lot of pigments, so avoid applying a heavy layer on your face, otherwise your face will look cakey.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • Just dab a little bit of concealer with the help of a concealer brush or with a clean ring finger on the spots and blemishes. Do not apply it on your full face.
    • Now, gently rub the concealer in a circular motion. This way, the concealer will blend properly on the problem area.
    • Avoid using a sponge, as it will spread all over the face and this way, you will use a lot of product on your face.

    3. Too Much Bronzer Or Blush:
    Wearing too much blush or bronzer will definitely spoil your look. Nobody appreciates too much pink on the cheeks or too much bronze on the face.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • Apply enough blush on your cheeks, so that it looks natural. Always tap your blush brush to remove the excess blush powder before applying it on your cheeks.
    • A bronzer should also be applied in a small quantity. The key for any makeup to look good is to blend it well.

    4. Excess Powder:
    Too much of anything is not good. Applying a lot of powder on the face is not a beautiful sight, you see. It'll look like as if you've dipped your face in a bag of flour and we definitely do not want that.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • If you've apply too much powder on your face, then let it sit on your face for a minimum of 10 minutes. The skin's natural oils will absorb the powder.
    • Or hold a tissue on your face and spray a facial mist over it. This will instantly moisturize your face and take away the excess powder from your face.

    5. Lipstick On Teeth:
    Lipsticks are for the lips, and not for the teeth. It's like food stuck in between the teeth.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • Check your teeth before leaving the house.
    • Put your index finger in your mouth, press your lips together and remove your finger. Or else you can put a tissue paper on your lips and press your lips together to remove the excess lipstick.

    6. Lip Liner Ring:
    By the end of the day, your lipstick tends to fade away but the lip liner tends to stay. It's not a good sight.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • Choose a lip liner that matches your natural lip colour. Do not match it with the colour of your lipstick. This will help the lipstick stay longer.

    7. Smokey Eyes:
    Smokey eyes look amazing if worn properly, otherwise you'll end up with too much black on your eyes.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • To perfect a smokey eye, there should be a gradient of colours across the lid instead of the eyelids being covered entirely in black. The key here is to blend.

    8. Eyeshadow mishap:
    When you are doing a smokey eye, specks of eyeshadow tends to fall beneath the eyes and even on the face.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • The best way to prevent eyeshadow fallout would be to do an eye makeup first followed by a foundation.
    • You can also apply a small amount of translucent powder under the eyes while you apply your eyeshadows.
    • If it falls on your cheeks, then gently brush it off with a fan brush .

    9. Excess Tweezing:
    Over-tweezing your eyebrows will destroy the natural shape and the arch of your brows.

    How Do We Fix This?
    Let your brows grow for a week. Apply those eyelash-growing serums.
    You can draw your brows with an eyebrow pencil, but it should match with the colour of your brows. Do not overdo it.

    10. No Tweezing At All:
    Some of us do not tweeze our brows at all. Even if you look beautiful with thick brows, there will be a few stray hair that needs plucking. Cleaning and shaping the brows will help frame the face.

    How Do We Fix This?
    • Consult with a beauty professional regarding the shape of your brows.

    There you go. Hope this article was helpful to all you pretty ladies. So, the next time you wear your makeup, you will definitely keep all these points in mind, right?

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 19:30 [IST]
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