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Zodiac Signs Who Are The Worst Liars


Astrology can help us know about not just the past, present and future life of a person, but also about other minute details of his/her personality. Just as it can tell how one looks, speaks and works, it can also tell how well one can fake things. Yes, that is exactly what we are going to discuss today - the zodiac signs that are the worst liars.

While some people can articulate, manipulate and fake things just so well, lying might not be the cup of tea for others. Given below is a list of such zodiac signs who cannot lie. Take a look.



Since they like to play fair and do not want to deal with too many secrets, honesty becomes the second nature of Taureans. There are more chances of Taurus females being more honest than their counterparts. It would not be wrong to call a Taurean an open book.



Virgos are honest but they just wait for the right time to open up their heart. The seeker of perfectionism, a Virgo does not feel perfect when they are lying. Moreover, their friends and foes all know them so well that their lies would soon be caught. Though clever, they like to play fair and fail to tell lies.



Well, a Scorpio is too mature to lie. The gut feeling of a Scorpio is often correct. It is only in very extreme cases that a Scorpio would lie to anyone. They mean business and no nonsense. This trait makes them correct and apt. While lying might disturb them a bit, being honest makes them feel light.



Not faking is your way of life. You dislike and maintain distance from the people who are not honest. Upfront and bold, Sagittarians also find it difficult to think too much, lie and maintain the lies told ever. Hence, they are bad at lying. They just speak out and relax.



Capricorns always fail to understand what makes people lie. They believe there has to be a good reason behind every action you take and everything you do. Lying is something that just does not come to them naturally. Even when in a problem, they choose to say the truth and face the consequences. Hence, they never learn to lie and fail in it every time they try.



Honesty seems to be a part of their anatomy. Even when they lie sometimes, the emotional person in them will compel them to reveal the truth. Probably because they are very innocent, they speak out whatever is there on their mind.

Story first published: Friday, March 15, 2019, 12:40 [IST]
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