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Your Reaction When You Are Insulted Based On Your Zodiac Sign


What would be your reaction if somebody just passed you by and said something really sarcastic? Or if he happened to write something humiliating as a comment on one of your posts? Would you get pissed off? Or you will prefer ignoring? Or will you go to extremes and revert with aggression? Given below is the list of all zodiac signs with info on how they would react when they are insulted by a friend or a foe.



How dare you insult them? An Aries can never sit back and take it. They revert badly and you will regret having used those words at them. Short-tempered Aries are the possessors of sarcasm quotient, which means they will attack with a harsh unapologetic sarcastic remark.



Taurus, the bull sign, generally do not react easily. They are peace lovers, until they are sufficiently provoked, much like a bull. So they prefer to ignore it if the insult does not really mean a great deal for them. However, grudges develop when a Taurean feels insulted. And you never know when the revenge might be taken.



Gemini prefer ignoring most of the time they are insulted. They hold the perception that the person trying to insult them is insulting himself in front of the onlookers. They believe that ignoring such people is the biggest revenge. Responding to them is a waste of their time and energy.



A Cancerian insulted means you threw them food for thought. They will pick the bit of insult that you drew to them, sit back and analyse why you said that. These thinkers will overevaluate the insult and take it personally. Over time, they will decide to take revenge and throw balls of sarcasm wherever they see you, thus insulting you in every possible way.



"Laugh it off" is what Leos believe in. The more you try to provoke them, the more they will make fun of you and you will end up being trolled by them. And it does not end there, they will strike back whenever they get a chance to insult you. Hence, it is better to maintain distance.



Much like a Cancerian, they would take it personally, but unlike them, they would not ponder much over it. Give them a moment and they will first evaluate who was at fault. After that, they will revert by saying something that would act as rubbing salt in your wounds.



Librans might not be able to respond immediately when they are insulted by somebody. They sit back and think what mistake of theirs led them to face such an insult. Also, if they fail to find anything wrong in their behaviour, they would regret not having reverted perfectly and screwed you back. Then would they wait for a chance, which if does not arrive, they would prefer to forget the matter. These mature individuals know it is harmful to oneself to keep holding onto such negativities and grudges.



Though a Scorpio does not appear sensitive, they do take matters to their heart. A Scorpio will never let the culprit go without punishment. With their brilliant and sharp mind, they would teach them why insulting them can be a major mistake.



Sagittarians try to reinterpret it when somebody tries to insult them. They find it difficult to deal with arguments, fights, misunderstandings and grudges. Hence, they try to make it easy for themselves by trying to interpret a positive meaning of what is said to them.



Who has time to respond to unfruitful things and people? This is what Capricorns believe. They would give some good thought to their next business plan rather than giving a thought to those who try to insult them. They feel it a waste of time and hence would just roll their eyes and leave. In fact, they feel sorry for the person who does not have any other better business.



Aquarians, of course, do not ignore it when somebody insults them. They start feeling that such a person does not deserve to be anywhere on their list of important people. Then would they cut off all the ties with them. Detachment is the solution for Aquarians.



Pisces often take the insult personally. They do try to ignore it but fail to do so. However, they succeed in hiding their emotions and those who insult them might not know whether they took the insult or not. Well, it is still better not to insult the emotional Pisces.

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