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What Type Of A Friend Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has its own significant traits. These traits help us understand ourselves in a better way.

Traits of your zodiac are deeply ingrained within your personality and they have a large effect on who you are as a person and as a friend.

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So, here are some of the traits that define you as a friend, which are based on your zodiac signs. Check them out!



You are a person who will ensure that your presence is always known. You are known to have very strong personalities and be extremely confident, courageous and enthusiastic. You are very active and are always looking to do new and fun things that challenge your friends around you.



Being of this sign, you are very grounded, devoted and patient. You are often very loyal and feel comfortable with the people and things that you have been surrounded by your whole lives. You are very patient and loyal to your friends.



Being of this sign you are very social, adaptable and quick to strike up a conversation with just about anybody. You are the type of friend who will always have your friends doing new and fun things. Your curious nature makes your friends restless. So, this is something that you need to work on.



Being a person of this sign, it is difficult for others to understand you. You are often very sensitive and emotional, even if you don't show it or let it be known to others. But as a friend, you will have your back for your friends. You are very loyal to people who you are close to, but there are times when you become moody or pessimistic when faced with adversity.



Being a person of this sign, you are generous and loyal to your friends and will always put the time and energy to help others when they are in need of it. You are often seen as the leader of the group and are very self-confident, which can sometimes be seen as arrogance and neglectfulness of others' problems.



You are extremely loyal, kind and have long-lasting friendships. You have a very strong and unchanging character, which acts as a moral compass that guides you through life. You are good communicators on paper; but when it comes to actually saying how you feel, you have a hard time expressing it.

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You are a very social, gracious and supportive friend. You don't like being alone and therefore thrive when you are with people, with whom you can constantly discuss and chat with. You are very peaceful beings and try to avoid conflicts whenever possible.



You are a true friend, but you expect others to be a true friend as well. You are also very passionate, assertive and honest as a person, which makes you a great friend. You generally love to be in the company of friends who are just as quick-witted and intelligent as yourself.



You are very generous, open-minded and enthusiastic. You have a great sense of humour and like to be surrounded by good friends. You also have a deep love and appreciation for experiencing culture and diversity through travel. As a person, you are fun loving and devoted to your relationship but only if you feel it is reciprocated well.



You are responsible, reliable and loyal as a friend. You can sometimes be very serious and stuck in your own ways of thinking but to the people, you are close and comfortable with, you are extremely supportive and stable. But if others do something to hurt you, you can become extremely cold and unforgiving.



Being a person of this sign, you can be one of the most amazing friends in the world but others need to give you time to get to know you and become comfortable. You are good at thinking through situations deeply and being able to solve problems. You can be a great motivator, good advice-giver and a great problem-solver.



Being a person of this sign, you are extremely friendly and very compassionate. Being generous, being selfless is an inbuilt thing. You are very emotionally intelligent and not afraid to communicate and express your feelings. You are also gifted with great intuition and you have the ability to sense things if something goes wrong.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 10:07 [IST]
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