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Sun Transit In Pisces 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Signs

This year the Sun will be transiting into Pisces at 17:55 pm on 14 March 2021. The transit will bring many changes into the lives of people. Since Sun is regarded as the royal planet which symbolises father, government, ego, soul,health, authority, vitality, leadership qualities and administration, people will be affected for similar things. To know how this transit will affect your life, scroll down to read more.



The Sun transit in Pisces will take place in the twelfth house of horoscope of people belonging to this sign.
The natives of this sign would get some opportunities to travel durng this transit. They may also come across some travel opportunities related to your profession and business. There could be times when one may face a few issues related to self-confidence. This may hamper their work at their work place. People working with foreign organisation or business may get benefitted during this transit. You may also come across opportunities related to your travel.

During this transit, the natives of this sign will be able to overpower and dominate their competitors and enemies. If you are into any legal matter, then try to postpone the same. If you are willing to invest in business, then you need to seek advice from experts and professionals.



Taurus natives will be hosting the Sun transit in the eleventh house of their horoscope. For these people, the transit will bring auspicious and positive results.

If you belong to this sign, then this transit will bring certain opportunities to you that would prove to be quite helpful for you. During this transit, you will come across several people with whom you will be building strong network. Your pending work will surely gain momentum during ths transit. As a result, you may gain profits which will provide you much-needed relief. You will be fostering strong and good bond with your seniors. You will gain full support and help from them. During this phase, you will come up with some new and innovative ideas.

On the personal front, your bond with your spouse and children will bring happiness and positivity in your life. If you are into a committed relationship, you will be enjoying the romance with your partner. During this phase, you will have some opportunities for buying or renting property. You can also invest during this transit.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, the transit will take place in the tenth house of their horoscope. The transit will bring a great time for people belonging to this sign.

If you happen to be someone who was born under the effect of this sign, then during this transit, you will accomplish everything that you do. You will be able to handle any project with efficiency and proficiency. You will be gaining huge recognition during this transit that would also include a promotion at your work place.

If you are working under the government sector then you will be benefitted during this transit. Also those who are into fields related to sales, law and order, etc. will be having a fruitful time. Artists will also have a positive time and they will achieve their goals. Businessmen who are willing to embrace change and take risk can be assured as the transit will benefit you.

Your siblings would support you during this transit and help you through your endeavors.



For people belonging to this sign, the Sun transit in cancer will be taking place in the ninth house of their horoscope. The house represents spirituality, fortuneand mentors. During this transit, your income will increase significantly. There could be times when you may face some competition at your work place but then this will shape you into a better professional. Businessmen will have a good flow of cash during this transit.

Your family members and loved ones will be providing you full support. You may actively participate in religious activities. In addition to this, you may make donate to charities and NGOs. However, there could be times when your father's health will be affected. Therefore, you are advised to take better care of him.



For people born under the effect of this sign, the Sun transit in Pisces will take place in the eighth house of their horoscope. During this transit, your pending work, unprecedented changes and negative vibes may make you anxious and doubt your self-confidence.

But you need to understand that ups and downs are the a part of life and therefore, you must not lose hope at any cost. At times, you may say harsh words or behave rudely with your co-workers and other people at your work place. You are advised stay calm and maintain your cool.

This is the time when you must not go on any journey or invest your money as things may not be in your favour at all. Businessmen need to make decisions carefully and in an analytical manner. Avoid looking for any shortcuts to earn money. Do not indulge in any illegal activities.

Your partner will support you thoroughly during this transit. Learn from your past mistakes and bring some positive change in yourself.



For people belonging to this sign, the transit will take place in the seventh house of their horoscope. The seventh house represents vacation, marital relations, business and partnership. You will be working hard to achieve your goals at your workplace. However, you may develop some misunderstandings with your manager and seniors. This may hamper your progress at your workplace. If you are into any partnership business, then you may have some clashes and tiffs with your partner. Please avoid doing any new venture or investing your money during this transit.

During this transit, you may spend a lot and therefore, you need to analyse your expenses. There could be times when your relationship may go through tough times. Avoid arguments with your partner. Singles, may face rejection in their love life. You are advised to wait for the right time before making any romantic proposal.



For those who were born under this sign, the Sun transit in Pisces will take place in the sixth house of their horoscope which further symbolises diseases, enemies and competition.

This transit will prove to be highly auspicious for you. You will be recovering from health issues. You will also outshine your enemies and competitors during this transit.
At your workplace, your seniors will appreciate your hardwork and sincerity. This will ensure your professional growth. Businessmen can take loan and financial aids from banks to expand their business.

Those who are preparing for competitive exams, will get desired results. This is a good time to enter into new relationships. Those who are already into relationship, will have a good time with their partner. They will enjoy the mutual happiness and compatibility with their partner.



The Sun transit in pisces will take place in the fifth house of the horoscope of these natives.

You will be able to implement your ideas and knowledge towards achieving your goals at your workplace. During this transit you will be working on your communication and presentation skills. This way you will learn how to handle problems and pressures at your workplace. Some natives may get opportunities related to sudden transfers. Businessmen may find this transit a bit disappointing. They may not get theirdesired results and profits.

This transit may prove to be a struggling phase for you. However, you may gain recognition during this transit. You need to take better care of your father's health else it may decline. You will be enjoying your marital bliss and spending a good time with your kid (s).

Do not indulge in any argument or petty fights with your partner. Express your love to him/her.



Sagittarians will be hosting the Sun transit in Pisces in the fourth house of their horoscope. The house symbolises comforts, luxuries, home and mother.

You are advised to take better care of your mother's health. Otherwise she may undergo severe health issues. Try to cultivate and calm and poise attitude else things may go extremely wrong in your life which may disrupt the environment at your home.

If you have been looking forward to propose to your partner, then this is the right time. In case, you are married, there could be times when you may end up fighting with your spouse over trivial issues. During this transit, your workload may increase which will cause huge stress and anxiety to you.

Businessmen are advised to stay cautious during this transit especially if they are investing their money into new schemes and policies.



For the Capricorn natives, the Sun transit will take place in the fourth house of their horoscope.

If you happen to be someone who belongs to this sign, then you will come across plenty of opportunities that would help you in having growth on the professional front. Some of the natives may also get a hike in their salary. This transit will bring a period full of positivity, happiness, prosperity and progress. Your efforts will bring you some positive results. Businessmen would be making profitable deals and agreements during this transit.

You will be spending a good time with your partner or spouse. You will be strenghthening the bond between you and your partner. You will be working hard to keep your family united.



The transit will take place in the third house of these natives. You are advised to keep a check on your speech and communication. Else you may end up having claashes with people around you. People who are into partnership business may have a tough time and would often have clashes with their partners. You are advised to maintain transparency in your partnership business. During this transit, avoid making any new investments. In case, you need to invest your money, then make sure you do so by consulting experts. You will be gaining benefits from your ancestral property.

You may come across your special one, if you haven't met him/her. Those who are into committed relationships, may go on a vacation or tour with their beloved. Married natives need to take care of their spouse's health. Make sure you utilise your money when it comes to health and fitness.



For Pisces Moon sign, the Sun will transit through your ascendant or first house of self, personality, nature, name, fame and health during its movement from Aquarius to Pisces Moon sign. The natives born under the sign of the fish may experience decline in their health during this period. They may face constant or recurring problems related to headache, eyesight, cold and cough during this transit. Some of you might also face some minor infections related to blood in this time duration. So, be very careful with your health, and if necessary take proper medical assistance.

In terms of professional life, if you are employed you might feel fatigued and lethargic at your workplace, making it difficult for you to concentrate and stay organised, which can hamper your productivity and reputation at your workplace. So, take a closer look at the causes and try to work on them to improve your performance. Also, your enemies might plan to besmirch your image to get ahead of you, so remain alert and cautious. However, this is a good period if you want to sue someone or start a legal battle with someone.
Businessmen might also not get favorable results and experience lack of cooperation from your partners or from people working under you. Also, avoid making hasty decisions when it comes to finances, otherwise, you could incur huge losses.

In terms of personal life, you have to keep a control on your anger and irritation as it may lead to arguments or clashes with your family members and beloved. So, try to maintain your calmness and composure while dealing with them. Students need to take a small break from studies and invest in hobbies or pleasure activities, which will enhance your creativity and concentration.

Story first published: Friday, March 12, 2021, 18:30 [IST]