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Here Is What Virgos Do Not Like About Their Relationships


Virgos are fun-loving freedom seekers. The innocent souls, they have their own idea of love which might be different from many others. They are emotional as well as adamant. They believe in choosing happiness rather than chasing it. This habit is the only secret behind that beautiful smile and bright eyes most Virgos possess.

Relationship Problems That Virgos Face

As a partner they look for someone who would be extrovert and who often parties. When in relationships you want things to be always good. While you like to help people, what you dislike is the under-appreciation that follows. You have a picky nature, be it clothes, colours, movies or foods. Does that 'too-picky' rule of yours apply to relationships as well? Let us explore.

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1. Hard Time Accepting Untraditional Partner

Virgos love their roots just so much. It is difficult for them to accept somebody completely untraditional as their life partner. The love for the traditions and culture sometimes reflects in their thoughts and affects their relationship when the partner does not support them. You might love your partner very much, you still might not be able to stay for a long time with someone who is from a breed you do not like. You have a hard time accepting them in the long run if your choices do not match.

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2. Your Urge To Do Everything Together

Yes, it is true that you love your partner the most but when you let that love overpower is the time when things get muddled up. Going out and spending time together is one thing, but clinging to the partner is a completely different thing. Sometimes, you might fail to give them their space and fail to realize that it is necessary in order to make them stay forever by your side. You forget that personal space should not be exploited in the name of a secure relationship. It makes the relation incline more towards the verge of breaking up.


3. You Lose Control Over Your Words When Angry

Though you do not get annoyed that easily, you easily tend to lose control over your words also. You prefer not to involve in an argument, and, therefore, end up saying something short, crisp yet hurting. You say something which might be wrong even if the relationship already does not seem to work out. Hence, you might become blunt once you open your mouth.

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4. Take On More Than Your Capacity

Everybody feels a need to be loved. Each of us has a certain capacity to show care and love to the other person. You fail to realise what your capacity is. Most of the times, you even fail to realise when the person goes beyond limits in an argument. Similarly, you make promises which you might not be able to keep, under the drive of emotions. You have a tendency to put in more efforts (though not always in the right direction) than your capacity when it is about improving a worsening relationship.

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5. You Compromise Easily And Often Get Hurt

Those kind words from others melt you often. Sometimes you fail to say a no and blindly follow your partner's wishes bringing hurt to your own heart, while the partner might not even know what is wrong. Hence, you might neither blame them, nor let them understand the problem and also not reach a conclusion through discussion. What is needed is to know the difference between agreeing and compromising.

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