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Are You A Sagittarian? You Might Face These Five Relationship Problems


Astrology says just like how we get to know about a person's life, career and love life based on his zodiac, we can even know the problems a person might face in relationships.

Here is a list of the five basic relationships problems that Sagittarians face, as per astrology. Take a look.


Your Desire For Absolute Freedom

Sagittarians want to live life like free birds. They want things to be perfect in their lives. Sometimes they might even want to travel alone in life. Theirpartners might not like their desire for freedom. They might not be able to come to terms with such demands, where they can walk neither before you nor after you and not even beside you.


You Trespass Other’s Comfort Zones

Since Sagittarians want things to be the way they like, they sometimes happen to cross the limits which the partner might think to be offensive. But they might not intend to offend their partners. Yet, such an attitude sometimes might cause the partner to repel. Hence, a mere misunderstanding could cause a problem in the relationship.


Your Excess Of Urge For Justice

You want all your decisions to be correct. You cannot tolerate even a bit of injustice. This causes you to take a decision even when it is not the right time to decide. When there is a misunderstanding, you might not even give your partner the benefit of doubtand based on just your side of the story, you might end up taking a harsh decision such as a break-up.


Relationship Might Burn Both Ends

When things get problematic in your relationships, it becomes difficult for you and your partner to handle as you may get tired of the problems and even decide to give up on each other. Thus, no efforts for reconciliation might be taken by either of you. This increases the problem in the relationship.


Attention Towards Physical Appearance

Not all Sagittarians, but there are some who give up excessive importance to the physical appearance of the partner. Since the physical appearance has nothing to do with true love, you might end up taking the wrong decision. Your heart might prove to have misled you when you choose a person as your date because of his/her looks.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 6:40 [IST]
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