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Are You A Gemini? You Might Face These Relationship Problems!


Geminis are believed to have two different personalities as their sign represents. They have two different faces and you are never sure which one you are to face today, or their mood and how they will react the very next moment is pretty difficult to decide. Since Geminis are associated with the element of air, this brings focus on the aspects of the mind. Geminis are ruled by the planet Mars. Mars represents communication, writing and movement as the major activities.

Geminis are excellent as artists. They have a flexible and open mind. They are nice whenever you may talk to them; the only thing you might not be sure of is what goes on in their mind behind that bold and 'mature person's smile' they often keep giving.

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Relationship Problems That Geminis Face

Well, how do such people deal when it comes to relationships? While they are loyal and devoted, emotional and caring, and sweet and unpredictable, there are some problems too which they might face as other signs do as well. What are those problems? Take a look.


1. Self Absorbed

Geminis want most of the things according to their own beliefs and choices, no matter how much you love them. Moreover, they are thinkers and writers. Thus, their opinions are mainly an outcome of what they often keep thinking. In fact, so much of pondering mostly makes them feel they only are right. They have an opinion about everything and anything. So busy with their own self, it seems pretty difficult sometimes to approach them; hence, even the people they desire might not be able to become a part of their life. Their self-absorbed attitude reflects an appointment needs to be taken first.

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2. Fall In Love With The Love Itself

Once they have fallen in love, there is a tendency that they might not accept any changes. Which means they want things to remain the same forever in their life. They dislike the fact that change is permanent. They do not like it when things in their love life seem to deviate from what they had been initially. Even if the change if for good, they might not accept it as the same love which happened at the beginning is what they actually fell in love with.


3. Routine Repels You

Besides the fact that they do not want a change in their love life, they might dislike it when a routine in their life starts to begin. They have a fear that once the love life starts following the same routine, chances are there for the love to fade away. While they want the love to remain the same, they also want the routine between both of them to keep changing. They believe in the philosophy of boredom leading to decreased interests and then bringing things to an end.


4. Tendency To Get Irritated Over Petty Issues

Since Geminis have two personalities, which means they can think, rethink and analyse things better than others. While they know about their capabilities as a good thinker, they might sometimes fall a prey to the notion that they alone are right. Such a notion does them no good than causing arguments over petty issues. Hence, they have a tendency to get irritated over petty issues when the views do not match. What they should do is just ignore such differences.


5. Territorial With Your Living Space

Geminis are very specific about their room décor and interiors. This is something which they really love to handle on their own without the slightest help from others. They want no one at all, to intrude and advise them on that. Then be it the partner only with whom they have to share the room. They just want to rule over the entire territory. Or as we may say, they are territorial with their living space.

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