2018: Horoscope Prediction For Aries

By Shabana
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The year 2017 is nearly coming to an end. Everyone must have experienced many ups and downs in the year. We made a lot of mistakes and learned from them. We also lived some happy moments, got a dream job or a promotion. But, what is in store for us in the future?

All of us are curious about what the coming year will bring us. That is why we bring to you a Yearly horoscope for each zodiac sign. Know what major events will take place in the coming year and whether it will be fruitful to you.

yearly horoscope

The yearly horoscope for the sun signs will depend on the movement of the moon in each zodiac house and the position of various celestial bodies combined with Vedic astrology.

Here is your Yearly Horoscope for the zodiac sign Aries for 2018, which will tell you about the major events happening in your zodiac house, all year round.

Let's talk about the planetary positions first.

During the start of the year, Planet Jupiter is placed in Libra and will move on to Scorpio in October. Saturn will stay in Sagittarius for the whole year, whereas the ascending and descending nodes of the moon will stay in Cancer and Capricorn all throughout the year. Mars is going to stay in Libra till 15th January, after which it will move on to Scorpio till 7th March. It will further more travel to Sagittarius till 2nd May and then move on to Capricorn till November.


Family Life:

The start of the year will see certain issues in your domestic life. The reason for this is the presence of Mars in your seventh house, which is the house of the spouse. But all the issues will be resolved after Jupiter enters your seventh house.

You are advised to have full confidence and determination in your relations and also keep up your morale instead of being weakened by them. It is advised you retrospect the incidents which make you angry instead to reacting, as it will only make the situations worse. Maintaining a good relation with parents is important. However, chances of arguments with father are high.

Under such situations, it is better to watch your speech and receive their blessings, as that will help you bring the situation under control.



Health wise, this year will be an average one for you. You might face some mental stress but will stay away from physical stress throughout the year. You might suffer from a mental illness and joint pain in mid-year. There are also chances of you suffering from a sexual illness or any venereal disease. Infections due to change in weather may also trouble you.

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You are expected to have a good year wealth wise. However, you are advised to take the advice of any elder or experienced person if you want to invest in speculations or give out loans. It will also be better for you to talk to an astrologer regarding the right time to invest money in the share market, as it will be beneficial for you.



The presence of Saturn in your 10th house (House of social status, fame and careers) and 11th house (House of gains and income) will bring in promotions for you. You are advised to sincerely make efforts to follow certain guidelines in life to reach your goals.

Keep a close eye on your deeds, as they will determine your future. Presence of Jupiter will bring about changes in your career, which will benefit you greatly. Change in thoughts at work will also bring in luck.



Your business will earn profits, provided you walk the right path. Do not try to instigate or encourage others to do wrong too. You will receive wealth which you rightfully deserve even without working hard for it. However, you are advised to exercise precaution in business matters after October.


Love Life:

Your 5th house does not have any negative planets; hence your love life will be hormonal. You will get a chance to enter into new relationships. Relations with your spouse will also be cordial. Do not ignore the small details, as they may lead to bigger issues.

Take extra precautions while handling an argument, as clear thinking and logic can lead you out. All this will ensure a smooth love life for you throughout the year. If you come across a love connection in the month of November or December, there are chances of the relation going sour. Any old love relation also will be lost by you during this time. Be careful of making a new love connection while retaining the old one, as it may spell doom for you.

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Marital Life:

Married individuals will also face certain mental discord with their wives. Establishing your spouse's individual opinion will make your marital life a smooth sailing one. You are advised to talk things out with your spouse to solve any issues.

The ruling planet of your zodiac sign is Mars and your Chief God is Lord Hanuman. Reciting Hanuman Chalisa every day, especially on Tuesdays, will be very helpful for you. Reciting Sunder Kanth path will also be very beneficial. Apart from them, have confidence in yourself and avoid blindly trusting strangers.

You are advised to go to the depth of matter before starting something new. Make an effort to visit at least one ancient temple in a month. You are strictly advised against disrespecting your parents or letting the society disrespect them too. Following these guidelines will ensure a positive year ahead for you.


Astro Tip:

Astrologers advice you to mop your entire house with salt water on Wednesdays, starting from the inside of your house to the outside. Then, throw the water outside. This will drive away all negative energy from the house.

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    Story first published: Thursday, December 28, 2017, 16:08 [IST]
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