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Zodiac Signs That Are Most Mysterious


Ever wondered why it is so difficult to guess or predict about some people or why some people surprise us with their actions when we think they would do something else? And why are we sometimes not able to guess about the next move of a person?

Astrology has the answers to all these questions. It says that the thought process of a person is largely influenced by the stars that he is born under. A person's thoughts and actions are affected by their positioning.

Based on this, we can even determine why some people are so mysterious, that it is almost impossible to predict anything about them. Check out the zodiac signs who are mysterious.



Well, Scorpios are the most unpredictable ones. While their eyes might give away what they are observing, it is not necessary that they will let you know what they think very easily. They observe a lot and reveal too less. Another very common reason why we cannot predict about them is that they keep experimenting with new things, new adventures and especially new looks.



Virgos are fun lovers. They like to prank and be pranked equally. They let you guess about them and you believe everything and anything that seem very obvious about them. Most people fail to realize that there is a personality of theirs which is not completely revealed yet. They look simple at heart but have deep emotions for some people, and might not even tell.



Capricorns have a deep fear of failure and that is one of the biggest mysteries about them. A Capricorn will never let you know about their next move. They are always alert about their enemies. However, they easily trust people whom they should not. Most of the time people guess something about them, and the truth would be something else. They are at times misunderstood as well because of their personality.



Most Aquarians speak too less. However, their mysterious personality seems obvious. And the fact that they are observing somebody or something, is revealed so easily. They become more mysterious when they doubt that a future situation might hurt them. However, not all Aquarians are as mysterious as they seem. A few of them do not talk much and this should not be confused with being mysterious.



Most people think that it is difficult to guess about Pisceans because they have a mysterious personality. But the fact is that even they themselves might not be able to understand their own choices sometimes. And it is just so true that one cannot guess about them in any case. The least of the revealers, they are just behind Scorpios on the list of mysterious zodiacs.

Story first published: Monday, September 17, 2018, 18:16 [IST]