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Mercury Transit In Aries 2021: How It Will Affect Different Zodiac Signs

Mercury transit in Aries will take place on 16 April 2021. The transit will affect the lives of different people in different ways. To know how it will affect your lives, scroll down to read more.



The Mercury will be transiting into the ascendant house of these natives. Since the planet governs the third and sixth house for these natives, the transit may bring significant changes in the lives of these natives. The position of Aries in the ascendant house of this house actually brings positive results for these people. During the transit, you will be organising and structuring things easily at your workplace. Your productivity will increase considerably during the transit. Your seniors and colleagues will be appreciating your hard work and dedication. During this transit, your energy and enthusiasm will help you win over your enemies and contemporaries. Businessmen will be analysing their profits and loss. They will be able to negotiate some great deals and earn huge profits.
On the personal life front, the transit will prove extremely beneficial for your married life. Romance will bloom in your relationship. You will be happy and enjoy marital bliss. You and your partner will be working out to strengthen the bond in your relationship. Your siblings will be supporting you throughout the period.



The natives of this sign will be hosting the Mercury transit in Aries in the twelfth house of their horoscope. They will be receiving a positive and desirable result during this transit. Professionals and businessmen may earn some foreign contacts throughout this time. These natives will find this period as one of the best times of the year. You will be earning respect, name, fame and intellect during the entire period. You need to give your best in whatever you do.

On the personal life front, those who are looking for an eligible partner, will be meeting a suitable partner. Married natives may go on a journey with their partner. You and your partner will be doing things to strengthen your bond with your partner. However, the natives need to take care of their expenses. It is better that you take care of your expenditures and plan a financial budget.



The transit of Mercury in Aries will take place in the eleventh house of the horoscope of these natives. The transit will bring some youthful and positive energy in you. The transit will also provide you the capability of overcoming the illness, if any. On the professional front, your communication and management skills will improve. You will be performing well at your workplace. People will praise your amazing storytelling skills and this will help you crack some amazing deals at your workplace.

During the entire transit, you will be ambitious and self-motivated. This will surely enhance your status. Those who are working as freelancers will generate several sources of income. Those who are planning to start their own business will come across new opportunities. In addition to this, the natives of this sign will come across some benefits through real-estate business. Due to this, these people will be expressing their feelings quite openly. Married natives will explore new sparks in their relationship while students will perform well in terms of academics.



For people belonging to this sign, the Mercury transit in Aries will take place in the tenth house of their horoscope. Your hardwork, skills and passion will take you through your dream job and desired profession. Your subordinates will extend their support and helping hands to you. They will help you achieve the target in an efficient manner. You will be getting help from people around you with the help of your exceptional communication skills. If you are into import and export business then this transit will definitely yield some great results. In case, you have been looking forward to working in an MNC, then you will soon find a job in a good and reputed MNC.

In terms of personal life, your siblings may come across some challenges and problems. Therefore, you are needed to help and support your siblings. You may differ or contradict with your parents when it comes to expressing your opinions.



Natives belonging to this sign will be hosting the transit in the ninth house of their horoscope. During this transit, your income will increase which in turn will make a positive impact on your standard of living and status. Your comforts and luxuries will increase during this transit. You will see your elder brother doing well in his field and this will bring happiness to the family. You will be working on your relationship with your father during this transit. You may plan a family get together or go on a trip with them. This way you will be strengthening your bond with your family memebers.

On the professional front, you will be accomplishing tasks that seemed to be difficult before this. You will be completing the assignments that you found difficult. If you are into business, then this period is going to yield better results. You will be getting opportunities to expand your business and earn huge profits.



People belonging to this sign will be hosting the transit in the eighth house of their horoscope. These natives may find this phase a bit tough as the Mercury transits through the house of sudden changes and legacy. There could be times when you may feel that your confidence has gone low. While some natives may face problems such as unexpected layoffs. Tough times may shake your confidence and make you feel nervous.

It is advisable that you work on keeping yourself self-motivated and positive. Working on your skills can actually help you in giving your best. Some natives may gain wealth through ancestral property. However, your spouse will be supporting you during the entire phase. In addition to this, you also need to take care of your father's health as he may stay ill during the transit.

Not only this, but your health also may suffer during this period. Doing yoga and taking proper rest will help you feel better and recover soon.



For people belonging to the Libra Moon sign, the Mercury transit in Aries will take place in the seventh house of your horoscope. People who are looking forward to starting their own business can consider doing the same as the time is extremely favourable. Natives who are looking forward to making contacts with foreign organisation and people will come across opportunities for the same. You may achieve success in various things, especially those you unexpected of.

In personal life, unmarried natives fix a date for their wedding. During the transit, people around you will be impressed by your communication skills. People come to seek your advice.



The Mercury transit in Aries will take place in the sixth house of the horoscope of these natives. The transit may bring some mixed results for these people. You need to take the best care of your health. Otherwise, you may face problems related to skin and allergies.

You may feel weak in terms of health. It is advisable that you take better care of your health. Take medication on right time. You also need to avoid going out in pollution and dust. It is advisable that you stay away from anyarguments and debates at your workplace. Else this may harm your image.

During this phase, you may have an increased expenditure but you can control it through proper financial planning. There could be times when you may feel worried and stressed out due to the increased expenditure. Therefore, it is important that you spend wisely.



For people belonging to this zodiac sign, this is going to be a great period as their love life will bloom. During the entire transit period, you will be expressing your feelings and emotions like anything. This will also help you in strengthening your bond. Married natives will be extremely happy to see their children doing well in their respective fields. You will also find your spouse growing into a better and mature human. In fact, your spouse may get a promotion at his/her workplace.

On the professional front, you will be utilising your skills, knowledge and experience in a better manner. This will eventually bring lots of appreciation from your colleagues, subordinates, seniors, etc. at your workplace. Businessmen may witness continuous growth in their business and earnings. During this transit, you will be expressing your ideas and strategies.



The natives born under the sign of the fish goat should take proper care and attention of their mother's health, as her health is likely to remain weak during the current transit of Mercury in their fourth house of mother, real estate and happiness. As mercury governs the sixth house that represents litigations and court cases, this indicates that you might see yourself getting involved in legal disputes with your relatives over some property. There are very high chances of it going in your favor, but, can give you stress and worries in the process.
Also, the fourth house represents the childhood, some old memories and grievances from the childhood could resurface, which could lead to some altercations with your parents. However, you are advised to see it as a chance to make things clear with your parents and reconcile any differences that you have with them. If you are married, your spouse is going to gain authoritative positions in their career and fields, their status in society is likely to increase, leading to increase in your luxuries and status. As Mercury also represents greenery, so, if you feel emotionally drained or anxious regarding anything during this period, spending time gardening or amidst greenery will help you tremendously.
Capricorn professionals are likely to gain good results in their professional endeavors and tasks during this period. Your creative ideas and strategies are likely to gerner appreciation and recognition leading to increase in your self confidence and status. Businessmen and traders are also likely to book substantial profits and gains during this period. However, in terms of health , weight gains, issues related to cold, cough and chest congestion could bother you during this period, so take care of health and work on your immune system by inculcating green leafy vegetables and healthy food in your diet.



Aquarius natives will host the Mercury in their third house which represents communication, siblings, journeys and efforts. Since, as per Kaal Purush kundli, Mercury is governor of the natural third house, which indicates that this transit is likely to bring substantial gains and special benefits for Aquarians.

Professionally, you are likely to receive beneficial results through your communication skills. Aquarians are innovative by nature and the presence of Mercury in the third house is going to enhance your out of the box thinking and finding creative solutions. This will give you an edge over your competitors at the workplace. As the third house is also the house of efforts, your persistent and continuous efforts are likely to take you miles ahead in your career during this period.
Aquarius are natural when it comes to networking, so, with Mercury in your third house, meeting with some influential people is on the cards, that is likely to provide you benefits in the long run. However, avoid any kind of journeys or trips during this period, as they are not going to be as profitable for you as you may think while starting them. Rather, communicating through other means such as the internet etc. will provide you with far better results. You are also likely to purchase some new electronic gadgets or items during this transit.

When it comes to personal life, Mercury is positioned in the eleventh house from its lordship of the fifth house, which indicates that your children are going to achieve great success during this period and they may provide you with essential support during this period. However, your siblings might face some hardships or difficulties during this time frame. If you are in relationships, the more transparent and open you are in communication with your partner, the more beneficial results will come to you and will help you take your relationship to a new level.

As the third house is related to hobbies also, so be it dancing, writing or music, investing your time in them will bring about a lot of positivity in your attitude, thus improving your performance in all aspects of your life.



For the Pisces Moon sign, Mercury governs the fourth house of mother, land, property, happiness and seventh house of marital relations, partnerships and vocations. Mercury during its current transit will travel through your second house of accumulated wealth, family and speech, this will provide you with auspicious benefits.

In terms of personal life, peace and happiness will prevail in your home environment. Your speech, your way of conducting yourself will leave many impressed and will help you maintain harmony and discipline in your home environment. Benefits and profits from mother can be foreseen for many during this period. As Mercury governs your seventh house of spouse and is positioned in eighth from itself, which indicates that though your spouse might get some sudden benefits and profits in this duration, their health might remain weak and fragile especially their stomach and skin area. So, proper attention should be diverted towards it.

As far as professional matters are concerned, things are likely to remain stable and financial prosperity is indicated in this period. Business professionals are likely to grow leaps and bounds through their wisdom and intellect. Their foresight and intuition will help them build strategies that are likely to speed up their operations and provide them the necessary exposure. Overall, a great transit for both the salaried class as well as for the traders and merchants born under the sign of the fish.

This transit is also favorable, if you want to do any repair work or construction part of your home or office, as it will be done smoothly. Any deal or agreement for property related matters that was stuck earlier on, is likely to be completed with ease during this transit.
In terms of health, maintaining hygiene around your dental and mouth region is very important, otherwise, you may face problems related to teeth and eyes