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Jupiter Retrograde In 2021: Effects On Different Zodiac Sign

Jupiter will retrograde in Aquarius on 20 June 2021. The retrograde will bring various changes into the lives of different natives. Some natives will go through a challenging time during this Jupiter Retrograde. The retrograde will go on till 13 months after which it changes the position.

The Jupiter Retrograde isn't believed to be beneficial for all the natives as its effects may make them question their own ideas and beliefs. Today we are here to tell you about the effects of Jupiter Retrograde. In order to know how this retrograde will affect the lives of various natives, scroll down to read more.



For people born under the effect of the Aries moon sign, Jupiter rules the ninth and twelfth house of their horoscope. This year the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the eleventh house of their horoscope. The house represents desire, income and gain. This retrograde of Jupiter in the eleventh house may bring certain difficulties in your life. You may find it difficult in fulfilling your expectations, desires, dreams, and hopes. There could be a time when things that you are expecting may get delayed. You may not get the expected results. You may face some financial crises too. These problems may arise due to the expenses incurred by you in the past few days.

On the relationship front, this retrograde will prove to be an average time for you. Maintaining proper and open communication with your partner can help you in surviving the tough times in your relationship. Also, this will help you in keeping misunderstandings at bay. Married natives are advised to delay their plan of extending the family until this retrograde is over. On the health front, this is going to be a favourable time for you. Still, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Remedy: Chanting Sri Rudram mantra can help you in having a positive time.



For those who belong to the Taurus moon sign, the Jupiter retrograde will take place in the Tenth house of their horoscope. During this retrograde period, the natives will need to keep their patience level high. They also need to be careful during this period as they may have to struggle a lot. During this retrograde, the natives need to keep a check on what they say to others. It is advised to keep a check on your speech and give respect to all.

During this retrograde, make sure you do not begin any new project. In case you are willing to switch your job, you are advised to wait for some time. This is because this retrograde isn't favourable for those who want to switch jobs. Those who are into business, may find some great business opportunities however, the results may not be quick. The atmosphere in your family will be quite favourable and your happiness and peace of mind will grow.

Remedy: You can fast on Thursdays to reduce the effect of retrograde on your zodiac sign.



For people belonging to the Gemini moon sign, the Jupiter retrograde will take place in the ninth house of international journeys, religion, and luck. The retrograde may create disturbances and troubles for students pursuing higher education.

During this retrograde, you may face different problems with the legal system. Natives may find some new job opportunities during this retrograde. Still, they need to have some patience if their expected and desired job opportunities get delayed. The natives will receive immense support from your family. In fact, these natives will receive support from their children and siblings. During this retrograde, you will be fulfiling your materialistic desires by doing hard work and this will help you in facing the problems arising in your life.

Remedy: Every Thursday, apply saffron and turmeric on your forehead.



People born under the Cancer moon sign will host the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius in the eighth house of their horoscope. The eighth house represents tax, loans, joint ventures, financial settlements, insurance, and death. The Jupiter Retrograde the eighth house may prove to be favourable in tax money for the natives. However, this too may get delayed. The natives need to put in some extra effort in order to get insurance benefits.

Some natives may have a dissatisfied but active sexual life. The spiritual beliefs of these natives may not get fulfilled during this retrograde and this may cause some spiritual restlessness to them. On the health front, the natives need to take care of themselves as they may suffer from health-related issues. It is better to utilise the energy for some productive things rather than wasting energy in useless things.

Remedy: The natives need to recite the guru beej mantra "Om Gram Green Gram Sabha Guruve Namaha" to reduce the ill-effects of the retrograde and make the best out of it.



Natives born under the Leo Moon Sign will host the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius in the seventh house of their horoscope. The seventh house represents marriage and partnership. During this retrograde, the natives looking for a life partner may come across someone who is moralistic and generous. During this retrograde, the natives along with their partners will seek freedom. However, they may find their independence but with some restrictions. Natives who are looking forward to second marriage as their first marriage did not work out, may find a suitable partner for the same.

On the professional front, the natives aren't advised to change jobs as the time isn't favourable at all. They may have some conflict with their colleagues and therefore, they are advised to be patient and calm. On the financial front, the economic conditions of some natives may fluctuate and they are less likely to have any monetary benefit during this retrograde.

Remedy: The natives are advised to wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.



For people belonging to the Virgo moon sign, the Jupiter retrograde will take place in the sixth house of their horoscope. Since the sixth house of these natives represents conflict, unpleasant work-life balance, co-workers, divorce, health, service, and conflicts, the effects will be on the same. During this retrograde, the natives fight all the shortcomings in their life with physical and mental strength. They will be able to deal with their enemies in the best possible manner.

Some natives may suffer from problems related to blood sugar levels. Some may gain considerable weight during this retrograde period. Natives who are into business may suffer huge burdens at their workplace. The co-workers of these people may not be helpful at all. They may take advantage of these natives. Those who are participating in any kind of competition, need to give their best to compete and taste the success. This is possible only through hard work and consistency.

Remedy: Recite Guru Stotra



For the Libra moon sign, Jupiter retrograde will take place in the fifth house of their horoscope. The retrograde will impact the children, education speculations, sports, romance, stock market and investment. Some of the natives may have problems related to their romantic life.

The retrograde may make people emotionless and heartless towards children. Some natives may end up having multiple illicit affairs. Married natives willing to expand their family may find their plans getting delayed. The natives are advised to avoid falling into any kind of speculations and gambling. This is why ending up in these things may raise the risk for them and cause loss to these natives.

Remedy: During this retrograde, offer jaggery and wheat to cows.



The people belonging to this moon sign will host the Jupiter retrograde in the fourth house of their horoscope. The retrograde will have some effects on the mother, family, vehicle and comfort for these natives. The natives may become extremely proud and egoistic of themselves. They may also hold grudges against people. This way they may end up making enemies unnecessarily.

On the financial front, you will be achieving success and fame with the help of your hard work. The natives may not have a good and healthy relationship with their mother.

Their peace of mind may get disturbed during this retrograde. They may have some problems related to their vehicle too. Since Jupiter will be seated in the fourth house of the horoscope of these natives, it will help the natives in buying property. They may get huge support from their family members. However, the outcome of the hard work done by these natives may get delayed. It could be slower than what they expected. Some natives may feel physically weak but their financial condition may improve. The natives will earn respect and honour during this retrograde.

Remedy: Every Thursday, offer water to the Peepal Tree. While you offer water, make sure you do not touch the tree.



People belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign will host the Jupiter retrograde in the third house of their horoscope. The retrograde will symbolise communication, learning, siblings, meeting, neighbours and short distance travel. The natives may go through some issues with their siblings during this retrograde. The natives may not seem to be happy with the relationship they have with their siblings. However, the natives may outshine their siblings during this transit.

On the financial front, you will be able to manage your finances during this retrograde period. However, you will become highly ambitious and proud. This will harm you and therefore, you are advised to make sure you do not keep these things in your mind for a longer time. Otherwise, you may suffer problems in having proper communications and problems in retaining things in your life. You may take some time in learning new things.

Remedy: Performing Rudra Abhishekam during this retrograde can help the natives.



For those who were born under the effect of the Capricorn moon sign, the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the second house. The house represents communication, family values, security, voice, and close friends. The natives may incur some unusual and unexpected expenses. Due to this, they may also suffer financial imbalance which may disrupt their lifestyle. During this period, the native may inherit ancestral property. However, they may not be able to use that property as they may not have any idea about the same. The retrograde may bring some security issues and this way, the natives may not seem to feel secure and safe.

Remedy: Prepare yellow rice on Thursday and distribute the same among people.



Those who were born under the effect of the Aquarius moon sign will host the Jupiter retrograde in the first house. The retrograde in the first house of these natives' horoscope represents health, identity, information and a way to deal with the world. During this retrograde, the natives may suffer from health issues related to the liver. These people may develop some self-doubt. They may constantly believe that someone is trying to deceive them.

The natives may not be benefitted from this retrograde as this may not give many benefits to them. Things may get delayed while opportunities may seem to be gone. However, their intellect, insight, health and fortune may improve during this period. They may also become even more attractive. This way the natives will enjoy an improved image among the public. They may live a healthy and active social life.

Remedy: Donate books and copies and other reading material to the students, especially on Thursday.



For the Pisces moon sign, the Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius will take place in the twelfth house. The retrograde will bring isolation, hospital, jail, and bed pleasure. The retrograde will prove to be beneficial for those who are willing to attain higher wisdom and intellect. Those who are into meditation and research will make the best out of this retrograde.

The natives will become fearless during this retrograde period and won't give up easily just because they are frightened or scared. Moreover, they will be able to win over their enemies and will be interested in religious activities.

Remedy: Chant Jupiter beej mantra: Gram Greem Graum Sah Gurave Namaha.