Is This How People Misunderstand You Based On Your Zodiac?

When you think why you are often misjudged or misunderstood even when you are right, then you need to realise that this could be due to your zodiac sign.

Yes, you read it right! Blame your zodiac sign if you are believed to be misunderstood or misjudged. The characteristics that define you as per your zodiac sign may be a reason to backfire at you.

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Check out on what are the different ways as per your zodiac sign on how you can be misunderstood.



You seem to be a cold-hearted person to people who are not known to you. This is because of your low tolerance for unneeded emotional drama. People often misunderstand about you and they think you to have no emotions. They assume you to not care about small things and think that you are only saving up the tears for something more worthy. But in reality, you are only taking care of yourself without paying much attention to minor obstacles.



You are a smart person who knows how to show your soft side and when not to. People assume that you are not a loving person, as you come across as being very shrewd. They think that you do not care about others' feelings, but the truth is that you do care and you are just being careful. You know how people play with emotions and you do not wish to get used, and hence you keep your circle small and fiercely, and care for people who care about you.



People think you have a fake personality who is flaky about trying new things and not sticking to one. They misunderstand the fact that your passionate nature does not bound you to do the same thing again and again. You are assumed to be the moody kind who abandons things and people when you get bored of it. People fail to understand that you love the thrill of exploring and discovering new things around you.



As you are known to be super sensitive, people think that you are pushovers. People presume that you have no self-respect in the relationship and yet you continue loving the other person even when they have shown you the red flag. But the fact is not the same, as you are self-righteous and give your best to avoid a relation from falling apart.



You are misunderstood to be self-assured more than you are. Others think that you are into yourself and too confident to need anyone else. You are independent and people take it the wrong way. The fact is that you need people and even their support. You are often left to yourself, as others assume that you will do just fine by yourself. May be it is your quiet and content face that makes people misunderstand your needs or may be it is not.



Others think you are a boring person who has no fun in life and that you are all about work, as it is a play for you. You find it amusing to work and grow and evolve all at the same time. You do not dislike other activities of fun and nor do you judge others who go out and have fun. It is just that you are happy where you are and people do not see how.

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You are the one people take advantage of. You are that friend whom others ask for unlimited favours, as they know you would never say because that is how kind-hearted you are. What others do not realise is that you can get tired of the constant dependency and even need time for your ownself. And when you do think about yourself first, then you are labeled as selfish. People who do this are of course not your true friends! Taking a stand does not mean you are selfish but it only means that you equally care about yourself.



People assume that it is impossible to hurt you, as you have a strong personality that is good at hiding your feelings. They assume you to be rock solid and too emotionally stable to care about the pain and everything. The fact is that you do get hurt when people hurt or let you down. You have a good defense system that lets you process pain on your own but, there are times when you wish you had someone who would understand how much it hurts.



People assume that you have everything sorted out. They assume that they have judged you well but they cannot, as you are a mystery that can never be solved. You are a walking puzzle or a traveller who is always exploring as a wanderer even while being stationary.



You are presumed to be proud by people who don't know you well. Since you are known to have high standards and high goals in life, it makes others assume that you have a larger perspective of life. Others find you to be rude and arrogant. But the fact is that you have high expectations from yourself, as you are a hard worker and this is why you expect people to be just as good as you or even better. You are really not someone who likes to judge people for the things that they were born with but the things they work for.



Most of the times you are misunderstood to be emotionless, as others dislike you for public display of emotions. You love deeply but are not fond of saying it out loud. You like to treat feelings like love and affection with care and secrecy for your own reasons. This makes other people wonder if you do feel love at all.



Others make the mistake of thinking that they can walk all over you and shout loudly at you and assume that you will take their attitude. It is wrong of them to think so. You do not let them to get the better of you, as you have the sense of staying with the right and moving away from the wrong. They need to understand that you hate being mistreated and insulted.

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