Find Out Which Zodiac Signs You Are Most Likely Allergic To!

By Sreya Dutta

There us no pit stop or midway when it comes to us liking somebody. Either we like them or we just don't. But we're sure you've never really wondered who you're most likely not going to like or why. We generally like the idea of getting comfy with those people who can respect us for who we really are or know well how to just let us be ourselves at ease and peace.

But those people who cannot or would not annoy us in some way or the other, or make us really uncomfortable when we are around them, are usually often the ones who we get really allergic to. So much at times that all we want to do is totally avoid their presence.

 Find Out Which Zodiac Signs You Are Mostly Likely Allergic To!

Did you know that the various zodiac signs are allergic to different other signs, depending upon the very core personality traits of each other? This is because the individuality of a person can play a very important role to determine who they want to be with and who they never wish to see again in their lives.

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People's personality traits can mostly act as magnets, which determines whether you are attracted to them or repelled by them. For example a calm, fair and composed person might be allergic to a harsh, rude or dubious person.

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Read on to get a proper glimpse of who your zodiac sign might most likely be allergic to and why.

If You're An Aries, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Virgo, Taurus And Capricorn

If you're an Aries, you are most likely a born self-motivator, which is why you hate being around those self-doubting people, who stop believing in themselves at the drop of a hat. You tend to become both verbally and visibly uncomfortable with such people. You are also very practical, which is why you tend to avoid those who do not choose to live in the reality. The idea of this often infuriates you so much that you probably end up blurting out things that you don't mean and that hurt others.

If You're A Taurus, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Sagittarius, Gemini And Aquarius

If you're a Taurus, you might go really far in disrupting the peace of those who try rubbing you the wrong way either with their words or actions. You tend to be quite impatient, stubborn and angry around those who step out of line in their words or actions. You know how to keep your emotions well-guarded and you rarely let anybody close enough to hurt you.

If You're A Gemini, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Pisces And Scorpio

If you're a Gemini, you tend to hate those who try to drag you through a lecture on peaceful living. You tend to be the soul of all the social gatherings full of fun and happiness and hate the idea of being around those who suffer from OCD towards fun and life in general. You hate people who constantly think too much before they make really conscious decisions just to live a day in their lives.

If You're A Cancer, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Libra, Gemini And Aquarius

As a Cancer you tend to be a soulful and silent warrior who constantly battles the inner turmoil, but would try your best not to ever let it out. You like respecting people's behavior and not those people themselves for no reason. You hate diplomatically impolite people who hurt others emotionally and you never think twice before discarding them forever from your life.

If You're A Leo, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Taurus, Scorpio And Capricorn

If you're a Leo, you tend to love being the center of attention, which you can successfully bear and like all the time. But what you really dislike is being caught off guard, being confronted or questioned too much. You love surrounding yourself with intellectually strong and appealing people, but you hate opportunity-grabbers, especially when they seem too desperate. You are of a royal nature which is why you also tend to hate people who try talking you down on your ideas or your creativity.

If You're A Virgo, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Gemini, Aries And Libra

As a Virgo, you tend to be quite demanding of your loved ones, especially when it comes to you trying to maintain perfect order in your life. This is why you might like keeping those with traces of indecisiveness or non-dependability at a far distance from yourself.

If You're A Libra, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Cancer And Taurus

If you're a Libra, you should be aware of the fact that your zodiac sign literally comprises of the symbol of balance which makes your sign a very balanced zodiac. And, there are obvious reasons to it. You seek balance always and in everything that involves you, which is why you tend to hate being around those who like beating around the bush. You also do not like people with a rather erratic approach or overtly moody behaviors.

If You're A Scorpio, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Leo, Gemini And Libra

As a Scorpio, you often tend to protectively enclose yourself in a reclusive space and shut out others around you. This might be because they hurt you with their intentions or words. You tend to be prolific, so when people try taming you to boredom, you may not like them or the idea much. You are a passionate giver and this is also true even when the receivers do not reciprocate to you. But the very moment you are emotionally hurt by them, you tend to hate them for it and completely shut them out, never trust them ever again in your life.

If You're A Sagittarius, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Virgo, Taurus And Capricorn

As a Sagittarius, you tend to be of a very adventurous nature. You are just an epitome of aliveness and in this regard, you tend to hate people who try to pull you down or spoil your mood for adventure or fun. You are generally a good listener, but you do not like those who start preaching too much about themselves or their accomplishments.

If You're A Capricorn, You Are Most Likely Allergic To: Leo, Aries And Sagittarius

If you're a Capricorn, you probably often have tough times gelling with those who just love living in the present, with no worries about tomorrow. You try searching for companions who would generally be lifelong, and you totally ignore others who prove to be quite immature towards their lives. You also tend to be allergic to irresponsible people or spendthrifts.

If You're An Aquarius, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Scorpio, Virgo And Pisces

If you're an Aquarius, you must be one of those who really loves their freedom. This is why you hate people who interfere with it or lecture you about being serious in life. You even hate seeing such people anywhere near you. You also feel absolutely no remorse while totally detaching yourself from those who disrupt your peace or irritate you with their possessive or jealous nature.

If You're A Pisces, You're Most Likely Allergic To: Libra, Gemini And Sagittarius

Pisceans can get easily distressed and irritated by those people who seem kind of potential harmers to them. This is why, if you're a Pisces, you might not like people who speak before thinking properly or before their brain's approval of their speech. You also tend to hate overconfident or really snobbish people around who you might not be in your best behaviour.

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