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6 Zodiac Couples Who Will Be The Most Stable And Happy

Zodiac Couples that are always Happy: इन राशि की जोड़ियां रहतीं हैं हमेशा खुश | Boldsky

Love may happen at first sight or after knowing each other for years. While falling in love is easy, maintaining the same love forever might become difficult. Some couples have a wonderful beginning but meet with a sad end. Well, what matters ten years down the line in a love story is the overall compatibility and understanding. But how can one know it beforehand and save oneself from love failures, is the big question.

Well, astrology says that the future of a relationship can be found out by knowing about the zodiac signs of the couple. Here is a list of zodiac couples, who turn out to be the most stable and happy.


Leo And Libra

Opposites attract each other. This is what happens in the case of a Leo and a Libra. Leos are born leaders. They are confident and dominating. Librans, on the other hand, are peace lovers and cooperative. Therefore, handling the dominance of the Leos will be no big a deal for the Librans. Leos are protective and the Librans are calm. Thus, the opposite auras that both these signs have, keep feeding the traits and powers of each other. And this is why they can be one of the most stable couples.


Gemini And Libra

Since Geminis are upfront, they would sometimes think only after things have been said by them. In such a case, Librans are mature enough to understand the emotions when Geminis blabber. Sometimes Geminis might pass some such witty remarks which might hurt people. Librans being their partners will handle such things with humbleness. However, Geminis are not much social. So when together in a social gathering, Librans would cover that up by easily making friends with the people around.


Aries And Aquarius

Aries, the emotional fellows, can be best handled by the Aquarians who know very well, how to handle the emotions. When an Aries goes out of temper, Aquarius knows how to control it. While an Aries is creative and can bring wonderful ideas, Aquarius is capable of implementing the ideas and managing things well. Similarly, when an Aquarian needs a shoulder to cry on (though not so often), Aries showers all the love they can, just to make the other person safe and loved.


Cancer And Aries

It is just another example of opposites attracting each other. While the element of a Cancer is water, that of the Aries is fire. Aries are brave, confident and enthusiastic like a fire. Similarly, the Cancerians resemble water as they are sensitive and considerate. The Aries helps the Cancer by empowering them. Similarly, the Cancerian can calm the Aries when the fire element becomes predominant. Thus both of them overcome the shortcomings of each other.


Pisces And Cancer

Both these zodiacs share the element of water. Probably this similarity is what works wonderfully in their case. Cancerians are sympathetic and a major problem with a Piscean in a relationship is that they might feel ignored because of small things. Cancerians being considerate would ensure they do not feel like that. Otherwise, both of them are affectionate, romantic and generally find love compatibility with each other more than the other signs.


Taurus And Capricorn

Taurus And Capricorn share the same element, earth. Both of them are practical and do not believe in an outward show of their personal lives. Both the signs are organised in life, like to follow a well structured and planned routine and are clear about their priorities in life. Both the signs are ambitious and have a set of dreams they want to fulfil. Thus, both work hard together supporting each other throughout the life.

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