2018: Romance Predictions According To Chinese Astrology

According to Chinese astrology, the love predictions for the coming year 2018 are out. Just the way the Western zodiac signs have 12 signs, Chinese astrology too is similar to it.

Unlike the Western zodiac, the Chinese zodiac is decided by the year in which you were born. It is not calculated based on the month.

To find out which is your Chinese zodiac, you can check out the Chinese calender that is mentioned below and find out what your love life is going to be like in the coming year.

These 12 signs of the Chinese astrology are represented by 12 animals. So go ahead and find out about your zodiac animal...


The Rat

Individuals who are born in the year of the rat will undergo a transformation in the coming year. They will find new romantic opportunities and old relationships that may finally come to an end. They would make the best of these new developments in their lives and use them as an advantage.


The Ox

People who are born in this year are considered to be reliable and affectionate. They need to find a partner who can match their level of dependability and trustworthiness. This is going to be difficult, as not everyone would live up to the integrity of someone who is born in the year of this sign.


The Tiger

The coming year for this zodiac is expected to have a fruitful love life. Since their passion for love life has not dulled in the past few years, their situation is going to be great in the coming year. All that they need to do is take advantage of the positive astrological energy flowing in their way.

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The Rabbit

These individuals are going to have a great time in the coming year. This is a chance that they have been waiting for quite some time. But on the love front, these individuals might not have the best success in love yet, they can still count on that one magical moment where everything can go right in the coming year.


The Dragon

The coming year is going to be a year of growth for people who are born in this sign. It is best if dragons step into the new year with a relationship that they plan on cultivating for a long time to come. The coming year predictions reveal that these individuals might get settled down in the second half of the year.


The Snake

These individuals are a bit shy and they are guarded on top of being very picky. They are believed to have incredibly high standards, due to which it is unlikely that they will find people who fit into their needs. When the cupid would strike and if they find someone who qualifies their unusual needs, they will recognise it immediately and act accordingly.


The Horse

This sign needs to be a little careful in the coming year, as it would have tough time ahead. Even though they would feel romance in the air, they should remember to take it slow and not rush into things. Apart from this, they are in danger of losing their relationships as well.

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The Goat

These individuals are way too focused on other aspects of their lives to actually focus on a relationship. They are so goal-oriented that the only type of relationship they love enjoying is their work. This does not mean that they are incapable of finding love but this is not their priority for the coming year.


The Monkey

These individuals have the potential to have a great year. The coming year would be great for these individuals. On the relationship front, they can carry forward them effortlessly and they seem to have a connection with people around them. On the other hand, they can also be distracted by the love of others.


The Rooster

These individuals are going to have a year of passion and romance. They need to be careful of not getting too caught up in all of the romantic opportunities coming their way. On the other hand, if they decide to settle down in the coming year, they will be sure to have a passionate relationship.


The Dog

The coming year, 2018 is the year of the dog, hence this year belongs to these individuals! They have a lot of romantic opportunities knocking their door this year and they are most likely to fall in love as well. They need to be a little careful though, as they can fall out of love just as fast as they fell into it!


The Pig

These individuals have the most positive romantic outlook in the coming year. They will be amazed by how well relationships work in their favour. There are chances of them taking their relationship to the next level this year. On the other hand, they need to take advantage of their positive energy and try to find someone who can complete them.

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