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What Do The Broken Lines On The Palm Mean?

The first thing that comes to your mind while learning about palmistry is whether the broken lines in the palm have any meaning.

Here, in this article, we will reveal to you the details about the broken lines and the hidden meanings behind them.

What Do The Broken Lines On The Palm Mean?

Each one of these crucial lines, when seen broken, have a particular meaning. So, go ahead and check on what the broken lines on your palm reveal.

Meaning Of Broken Lines On Palm


The Broken Life Line

If you have a broken life line on your palm, it means that there are chances that you would face some difficulties in family life. There are chances of you changing your residence. On the health front, you might also get injured as well.


The Broken Heart Line

If you have a broken heart line, then there are chances that you will have a troubled marriage. You will encounter troubled relationships throughout your life.

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The Broken Head Line

If you have a broken head line, then you will have a tough time in pursuing academics. On the other hand, you might also undergo depression at unexpected times.


The Broken Sun Line

If you have a broken sun line, it means that you would have to undergo loss of reputation or money. On the health front, there are chances that you might suffer from eye issues.

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The Broken Marriage Line

If you have a broken marriage line, then your chances of leading a loner's life are solid. If you are in a relationship, there are chances that it might not last long or it can end in a divorce as well.

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The Broken Travel Line

If you have a broken travel line, then the chances of suffering injuries while travelling are extreme. Your travels might be unsuccessful and you might suffer some loss too.


The Broken Fate Line

If you have a broken fate line, then it means that you will suffer a loss or you would face a change in career or there are chances of you moving out of the city.

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