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Fame Line And All The Facts That You Need To Know

Having a fame line on your palm reveals a lot about success coming your way. The fame line is also referred to as the Sun Line, Apollo Line, or even as the Line of Success.

The fame line is considered to be one of the most critical lines in palmistry.

Check out the details of fate line in palmistry and find out what it means.


The Apollo Line Or The Fame Line

The Apollo Line or the fame line starts from the Mount of Moon, and it moves upwards to the Mount of Sun which is located just below the ring finger.


If The Sun Line Is Absent

If the sun line is absent, it indicates that as a person you will enjoy a simple and ordinary life. Becoming a successful person or gaining fame is not going to be a part of your life. When the sun line is absent, experts reveal that it is challenging for you to become successful in spite of repeated attempts.


If The Sun Line Is Short

If you have a shorter sun line, it indicates that you would not enjoy success until the later years of your life. Individuals who are working in professional services for institutions have these variations of the sun line.


If You Have A Clear And Highly Visible Fame Line

If you have a clear and highly visible fame line, then you are blessed with followers who have an interest in avid art and literature. On the other hand, if you have a narrow line, it indicates a hard marriage with many frustrations in life.


When The Line Starts From The Base Of The Palm

If you have a sun line that starts at the base of the palm and if it ends at the centre of the hand then it indicates that you will have great success at a young age.


When The Sun Line Stops At The Head Line

When a sun line starts from the palm's base and ends at the head line, it indicates good luck at a young age. These individuals are witty and are sure to gain success before they turn 35.


When The Sun Line Starts From The Head Line And Goes To The Mount Of Moon

If the sun line starts from the head line and goes up all the way to the Mount of Moon, then it indicates that you will have a quick mind with loads of success coming your way. These individuals are highly social as well.

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