Were You Born On A Wednesday?


Various predictions are made about a person's personality and future, based on the day of birth.
Well, were you also born on a Wednesday? Do you want to know what lovely surprises the future holds for you? How much of success you are going to get and how your married life is going to be like can be predicted based on the day of the week you were born on. Well, read on to know more.

The Planet And Its Lord

Mercury is the planet associated with Wednesday. Budha is its Indian name. Budhadev is the Lord of this planet. Mercury is the nearest to the Sun, and the smallest among all the planets.

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Wednesday born are energetic, lively and honest people. They pursue various interests and therefore emerge as multi-talented individuals. Being versatile by nature, they are known and loved by all. They make friends easily. Those who have a strong Budha graha in their Kundali are known to be intelligent and do very well in studies.


Those born on a Wednesday are brainies. They are endowed with all the blessing from the Lord of the planet Mercury. Therefore, they think logically, are inquisitive and reasonable. They always believe in first trying and then going for a belief system. They are sociable people and easily get on along with the other people. They are good friends and are loyal by nature. They are bit over emotional, which might sometimes appear as a weakness, but the truth is their emotions take them to heights of success.


Since you are a logical thinker, Mathematics and Science are your fields. Your inquisitive nature will help you do brilliantly well in the research field. However, you also like exploring new things and places therefore travel ad tourism is another option that you may try. Also, note that your communication skills are awesome, which makes you a perfect fit for fields related to communication. You love traveling and meeting new people, so you should choose a related field.

Love Life

Here again comes your excellent communication skills into play. You speak a lot and your logical thinking helps you make friends easily. So, it is obvious you will be able to find a love partner for you soon. You do not have to wait for long to find the one for yourself. But your being too talkative might even irritate people, if not controlled. This is what you must keep in mind.
Since you believe in getting fights settled by a mutual talk, your partner will find it easy in getting along with you.


You are emotional, hence easily develop the bond of love with your partner. But since you might sometimes be a little ignorant or careless, it might create problems between the both of you. Do care about the other person's feelings as well, take it easy sometimes. Your speaking skills will here again help you avoid arguments. After all, it is a happy married life that we must always look forward to. If you can leave your carelessness alone, you are an awesome partner to your spouse.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2018, 6:30 [IST]
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