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Daily Horoscope: 28 November 2019

By Lekhaka

Will the star of your fortune shine today and you will get success in your efforts? Read your daily horoscope to know.


Aries: 21 March - 19 April

If you try a little more to improve your financial situation, you will be able to earn some extra money. Today, you may meet an old acquaintance and the visit will be very memorable. Talking about work, try to fulfil your responsibilities on time. Businessmen may also get double benefit today. There may be some misunderstanding with your spouse. You should try to resolve the issues as soon as possible otherwise, the matter may get out of hand. Any serious issue related to the family will cause your trouble. In such a situation, consult your elders. Health matters will not be right today. If you are suffering from any disease related to stomach, take special care of your diet.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 21

Lucky Time: 2:15 pm to 7:20 pm


Taurus: 20 April - 20 May

Marital life needs more attention. If possible, try to spend more time with your spouse today. If they are going through some stress, support them completely. Today you may face a situation where you will be unable to control your anger. But you have to balance both your behaviour and speech simultaneously. Today will be a mixed day on the economic front. Avoid spending too much. Your concern related to your father's health may increase today, but there is no need to panic or think much. With the right care, you will soon see an improvement in their health. The day will be normal on the work front. Make sure that you do not leave any work incomplete which was assigned today.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Time: 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm


Gemini: 21 May - 20 June

Today, your financial situation is likely to improve. With the help of friends, you may get some new source of income which will solve your financial problem. There is a possibility of some financial profit from a new work which you have started recently. You will also get help from your father in your decisions related to this new task which will make everything even easier. There will be happiness and peace in married life. You may get a chance to spend some good time with your spouse today. For the past few days, if any of your work was stuck, today it may get completed. You may make an important discussion with higher officials in the office. Your health will be good today.

Lucky Colour: Dark Red

Lucky Number: 23

Lucky Time: 1:30 pm to 9:15 pm


Cancer: 21 June - 22 July

On the work front, you may get good results today. You will be focussed on your work and may also get honoured at the workplace. The day is going to be a big success for the businessmen as there will be an increase in their business. Your efforts to strengthen the financial situation will also be successful. There will be happiness in married life. Spouse's love and support will strengthen your relationship. You will get happiness from the child side too. Today your partner may demand to spend more time with you. You may also connect with some important people today.

Lucky Colour: Sky Blue

Lucky Number: 7

Lucky Time: 12:45 pm to 6:00 pm


Leo: 23 July - 22 August

There may be some disputes in married life. The unstable behaviour of your spouse may spoil your day. Such tensions may disturb your work at the office. If you are trying to start a new work, there are chances of some hurdles. Today, you need to be careful in the financial matter as you may get cheated. There will be many worries and thoughts on your mind today. You will be very worried about your work and personal life, which will directly affect your health. It would be better to keep yourself free from all burdens and worries.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Number: 8

Lucky Time: 11:30 am to 6:30 pm


Virgo: 23 August - 22 September

The situation will be favourable in the workplace. You will spend a lot of fun time with your colleagues. You will also be able to concentrate more on your work. Businessmen may get good results today. If you do your business in partnership, with the help of your partner you may get some big profit. Despite many interruptions in romantic life, you will be able to find time for your partner. This is also a good day to surprise your partner. On the other hand, the day is normal for married couples. You will be able to spend a quiet day with your spouse. Avoid eating too much oily food. To keep yourself fit, you need to make some important changes in your diet.

Lucky Colour: Light Green

Lucky Number: 11

Lucky Time: 4:00 pm to 9:20 pm


Libra: 23 September - 22 October

The efforts which you have been making from some time to strengthen your financial condition will prove to be fruitful for you. Your income is likely to increase. The day will be normal on the work front. You will be able to complete your work in the office and senior will also be satisfied with your work. Improvement in married life will bring happiness. Today you may get some good news from the children too. The day will be best for the students. Your hard work for higher education will be rewarded. Health will be good. If you want to be healthy like this, start yoga and meditation.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Time: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Scorpio: 23 October - 21 November

The day will bring some relief and you may face some new experiences today. If you keep your mind calm, you will be able to take some important decisions easily. Continue your efforts in the same way and you will surely get the expected result. On the work front, the day is auspicious. You may suddenly get some responsibilities but due to the support of the seniors and good coordination with colleagues, your tasks will be completed on time. There may be problems in family life. You may get discriminated which will hurt your feelings a lot. Trouble is possible from the child side. In some cases, your overconfidence may prove to be wrong. Financial condition will be fine today.

Lucky Colour: Light Yellow

Lucky Number: 2

Lucky Time: 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Sagittarius: 22 November - 21 December

Do not get into any kind of quarrel with your colleagues as you may land in trouble. If you talk without thinking, you may face some strange situations. From the financial front, the day will be very profitable. Your financial efforts will be successful and even a small task will give you a big benefit. The compatibility will remain married life. You will be very happy to get support and love from your spouse. Your relationship with parents and other family members will also be good. Today, you may face some difficulties in your love life. The distance between you both may increase. Be very careful in such situations and treat your partner with love.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 43

Lucky Time: 7:00 am to 11:30 pm


Capricorn: 22 December - 19 January

You need to work peacefully and wisely as a difficult situation may arise today. No matter what the situation is, avoid losing your temper or else your uncontrolled anger may increase the problems even more. Talking about romantic life, all the hurdles will be removed and your relationship will move forward. If you are married, keep your behaviour right with your spouse. You have to understand that such disputes will only disturb your mental peace. The day will be a bit better in terms of money. You may receive good news while dealing with the sale of your old property. The day is favourable in terms of health.

Lucky Colour: Dark Green

Lucky Number: 21

Lucky Time: 12:30 pm to 10:55 pm


Aquarius: 20 January - 18 February

Good results are possible in the workplace today. Whether it is a job or business, you will get the expected results. Not only this, today you will get to meet some prominent people of society. If any of your government work was stuck for a long time, it is likely to be completed today. Happiness will remain in the family, however, you need to give some time to your family from your busy routine. Taking about marital life, the mood of your spouse will be a bit messy today. Happiness is expected from the child's side. On the economic front, there are chances of getting benefits, but expenses may go high. It is better to take your financial decisions carefully.

Lucky Colour: White

Lucky Number: 12

Lucky Time: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm


Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

Today, your stubborn nature may cause trouble for you. It would be better to change your behaviour and treat everyone with love and patience otherwise, you may regret it later. If you talk about your financial situation, you are likely to get the result of your hard work. Today, you may get some big financial benefit which will remove all your troubles related to money. You will have to be careful in the office today and do not waste your time by arguing unnecessarily. Today, you have to take special care of your health as your chronic back pain may re-emerge.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 6

Lucky Time: 12:30 pm to 8:30 pm

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Story first published: Thursday, November 28, 2019, 5:00 [IST]