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Reasons Not To Mix Personal And Professional Life

You might have heard this one before 'never mix your personal and professional lives’; however, sadly it is not as easy when done as it looks when said.

Why you should not mix personal and professional lives is a question raised by many.

Human beings are often fueled by emotions and not by reason; and thus, keeping these two aspects of one’s life often becomes unmanageable.

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When one is unable to maintain distinction between the two, then the complaint of one part of life encroaching over the remaining aspects of it becomes very common.

The personality and behaviour that one needs to keep at his/her workplace is a lot different from what is expected from him/her in his/her personal life.

To be able to maintain a balance between personal and professional lives, it is extremely essential for an enhanced productivity at work and for the quality of time you spend with your loved ones.

For some, this concept might sound exaggerated; but the truth is that a lack of equilibrium between the work and personal life is extremely essential for success in one’s life.

Here are some more reasons not to mix personal and professional lives, have a look.

1. Emotional Deprivation That Hampers Personal Life: The mingling of professional and personal lives begins when one starts to extend their days at work so much so that even the weekends are left with nothing but what you do in your office. All this only leads to more emotional deprivation and suffering personal relationships.

2. Can Expose You To Being Vulnerable:
In your professional life, you are expected to always be on alert, keep proper track of records and always intend to win in the competition. Therefore, being personal during work hours can result in exposing your vulnerabilities, which can even be used against you, which is something you definitely do not want.

3. You Need A Family Time: As mentioned before, your work needs you to always be cautious, confident and, at times, even aggressive with a win-win attitude. However, this behaviour cannot be taken back home. Your parents, children, partner and friends do not need you to get on their nerves all the time, instead they deserve a warm, caring and loving person who is not always perfect like any other normal human.

4. Might Affect Productivity At Work: Any person can have to deal with a personal crisis at any point of the day, even at work and even employers try to be supportive at such times. However, this is only okay to a certain extent and it is the responsibility of the employee to understand the difference between personal emergencies and personal needs. Thus, it is important to ensure that your personal life does not affect your productivity at work.

5. People On Either Side Don't Need The Complete Stories: Your family and friends might not be interested so much in dealing with your work situations all the time, and similarly, your colleagues and bosses might not have the time to listen to what you did on your weekends. Hence, keep these things where they ought to be and do not mix the two together.

6. Personal Life May Get Publicised:
Establishing boundaries between work and personal life has become much more difficult with the advent of social networking sites, but here too, it is important. The personal details that you put on these sites can affect your professional life as well. Try not to make too much of your private life public to maintain a good work-life balance.

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