To Be Angry On The Outside-A Short Story

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To be angry
Is it always good to control anger? Read a short Hindu story.

A Sadhu or an ascetic was passing by a bush. Suddenly he stopped on his track, when a snake emerged from the bush with a show of fierceness as if to bite him.

The ascetic who could communicate to animals, told in a calm voice, “Why are you behaving this way? Be calm and quiet always. Do not trouble people who pass by'

From that day onwards, the snake heeded to the advice of the ascetic and remained calm.

After a few days when the ascetic happened to pass by the bush, he encountered the snake. He enquired about the snake's welfare.

The snake sadly said, “Since I stopped harming people, they have started to take advantage of my patience. Whosoever passes by throws stones on me injures me. My plight is indeed sad!"

The ascetic then clarified, “I asked you to control your anger from inside. While you are not to be angry within, maintaining your inner poise of calmness, you are to display anger on the outside"

The ascetic continued, “If I asked you to be quiet that does not mean that you have to be passively putting up with outrageous attitude. From now onwards maintain your calmness within while you act to display your anger outside"

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